1xbet Gaming Wheel

1xBet customers who play the exciting 1xGames will be rewarded with multiple chances to win incredible prizes.

1xBet give the players an fantastic Gaming Wheel offer!

Every time a player wins in a 1xGame, they’ll amass points. When those points reach 150, they’ll be given a free spin on The Gaming Wheel where they can scoop up these fabulous prizes.

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What are the prizes?

So, this is an attractive reason to have fun, win prizes and be active.

How to collect points?

  1. Every time you win, you collect points.
  2. A wheel spin is available once you have collected 150 points.
  3. Any points you have collected are not transferable and do not count towards your next spin of the wheel until you have used the spin available on the offer page.

Terms and conditions

  1. To take part, please register or log in to 1xBet. Participation is free of charge.
  2. Only registered customers can take part in this offer. The following fields must be filled in: full name, mobile phone number (must be activated), email, country and city of residence.
  3. The offer is available from 24 May (00:00 UTC+3) to 26 July (23:59 UTC+3) 2019.
  4. Customers can place bets at any time during this promotion (they are not required to bet every day).
  5. Customers can place an unlimited number of bets.
  6. Points will automatically be awarded on the offer page for winnings in 1xGames.
  7. 1xBet reserves the right to cancel or rescind this offer or to change any provision thereof at any time without prior notification or explanation.
  8. This offer is only available once per account, family, IP address and PC.
  9. This offer does not apply to bets using bonus funds.
  10. Points will not be awarded for bets placed using bonuses (doubling, cashback, free bets).
  11. This offer doesn’t include the following 1xGames: Pachinko, PF Dice, PF Roulette. The list of games available may differ on the desktop and mobile versions of our website and can change at any time.

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