Dallmeier is soon starting a complete awareness program to show how different forms of new technology in the video can offer greater user-friendliness. Moreover, along with this it also aims to show its effectiveness in higher objective security, greater efficiency as well as time-saving along with cost savings in casinos.

With well over 20 years worth of dedicated experience, Dallmeier has become a professional when it comes to video-related technology for casinos. Now, this Germany-based manufacturer is further launching a sort of awareness program which is mainly aimed at all the various functional areas. All these areas are those which benefit from the efficient use of video technology. This includes Surveillance Managers, Managers for IT, Gaming Managers, Marketing Managers as well as different CEOs or managers for purchasing.

Overall, the campaign is aimed at showcasing how various new video technologies can promote and improve different aspects of casino-related operations.

This includes operations such as security improvement by reducing the chances of crime as well as catching criminals, optimization efficiency through reduction of waiting times and maximizing space usage, and cost efficiency through helping to reduce costs. Moreover, Dallmeier provides detailed information material for each of these aimed groups.

This is to address their main needs and major points. Moreover, on the new casino website, the white papers are gradually available for download. These documents offer information regarding the latest trends as well as various developments in the field of video technology. There is also information as to how they can be precisely used to meet the specific needs of the target group. The first White Paper is dedicated to Surveillance Managers and is named ‘Gaming Floor PTZ is old-school. 360° cameras – done right – do a much better job’.

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