Top Slots With Highest Overall Payouts

If you are at a casino to make big money, choosing the right set of games is super important. So, when it comes to big wins and a premium casino gaming experience, what can be better than slot machines? They are not just entertaining, but they also roll in amazing rewards and gigantic winning opportunities.  

But in 2024, there are tons of slots coming from the A-rated software suppliers. So, which one to pick for the most profitable gaming sessions? Well, that’s a big question. But you won’t have to worry anymore as in this piece, we have compiled the list of the best slots with the highest overall payouts. Moreover, we will also reveal where you can find the latest casinos that offer these super lucrative games. 

5 Best Slots With High Payouts 


Starburst is hands down one of the most premium slot games coming from the bucket of NetEnt. With a 10 pay lines and 5 reels setup, this game is super rewarding, if you play your cards right. The most tempting part odf the game is its unique theme that will keep you hooked for hours. Rolled in jewels, gems, and fast-paced gameplay, this game is a must-try for all high-rollers out there. 

This game is available in both online and land-based casinos. What makes the game more lucrative and fun is the range of features it offers. The Starburst game offers options like wild symbols, free spins, sticky wilds, and more. These add up to deliver an RTP of over 93%, which makes this game a favorite of both beginners and experts. 

Gold Rush Gus 

Mining theme slot games are getting pretty popular these days, and Gold Rush Gus falls under that umbrella. Created by Woohoo Games, the game unpacks a quest for precious stones. Thanks to its RTP of 98.48%, the game features a maximum win of up to 10,000x, which is tempting for high-rollers. 

Hold on! There is more. The game brings a progressive jackpot that is worth over $25,000. Apart from these, you regularly get tons of free spins, mini jackpots, and wild symbols that simplify your journey toward big wins. 

Ooh Aah Dracula 

Want to witness uniqueness at its peak? Ooh Aah Dracula a hot piece from the bag of Light & Wonder is knocking at your doors. Coming with a uniquely crafted Dracula theme, this game delivers every pinch of entertainment every casino lover craves. That’s not all. 

With an RTP of 99%, this game’s risk-to-reward ratio is super tempting. Moreover, this 5-reel, 10-payline game also has an amazing jackpot feature that offers up to 5000x stake every spin, ensuring high payouts. So, if you want to experience the perfect mix of thrill and winnings, go no further than Ooh Aah Dracula. 

Book of 99 

Hunting for a game that takes you to the lands of Greece? Book of 99 developed by one of the most reputed software providers, Relax Gaming can be the best fit for you. Loaded with features and chances of high payouts, this game is super interesting. 

Book of 99 is slightly on the high volatility side, making it an ideal choice to have fun and claim big wins. What makes the gaming session more fun-loaded is the range of features the game brings. You can use features like free spins, bonus rounds, wild symbols, and more to squeeze out the most of the game and win big. 

Mega Moolah 

Mega Moolah is a super popular progressive jackpot game, entering the casino space, back in 2006. Coming from a reputed software supplier, Microgaming, this game promises life-changing rewards and entertaining gaming sessions. The average RTP of the game touches 94%, while the actual rate depends on your betting style and gameplay. 

Overall, this game has received some really good ratings from the players, who praised it for its incredible theme, amazing features, and tons of jackpots. With low volatility and a maximum win of 1920x the bet, this game is loved by both beginners and expert casino players. So, you can try it both online and in popular land-based casinos. 


No matter whether you are new to the casino or you are a pro trying your luck, slots are always an evergreen option to get the true essence of gaming. It’s less complicated, simple to play, and super rewarding. Moreover, unlike the other casino gaming options they roll in more features, making gaming sessions more fun.

However, when you play highly volatile slot games with humongous earnings ratios, make sure to exercise healthy risk management protocols. Also, gamble responsibly and avoid the trap of chasing losses.

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