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Prophet Exchange

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Amongst so many sports betting platforms out there, Prophet Exchange rises as a revolutionary way of revolutionizing way of placing your money. This game-changing platform became the first of its kind in the United States to come up with an unusual concept. They are more than just another sportsbook out there; they are an innovative marketplace where users control the odds by setting their own prices for inviting bets that never happened in traditional sports betting.

Bid adieu to the rule of house’s margins, commissions and bookmakers making unreasonable money. With Prophet Exchange, you don’t bet against the house but against other users. This gives a high probability that you will get the best possible odds. Talking of the commission, the exchange only takes a small amount on net winning bets. Players usually win more or lose less which never happened in traditional sportsbooks (pro players can confirm it).

Are you excited to enter a realm of fair and transparent betting and have the odds in your favor? Let’s learn more to get pleasantly surprised as you scroll down!

Betting Exchange vs. Traditional Sportsbook

A betting exchange is great in terms of offering flexibility and control over your bets, unlike a regular sportsbook. You can trade bets with other players and have better chances of finding odds. There are many points of difference between a betting exchange differs from a traditional sportsbook:

Trading vs. betting against the house: Traditional sportsbooks require you to bet against the house but in a betting exchange, you trade your bets with other people. In this way, you get the best of both worlds- place your bets and set your odds for others to bet on.

Set your own odds: Your odds are in your hands! With an awesome platform like Prophet Exchange, you can be the bettor/oddsmaker. With the “requesting your own bet” option, you set your odds for others to bet on which gives you more control over the process and winning chances.

Better pricing: Yet another big reason for opting for a betting exchange is that you usually get better pricing, unlike traditional sportsbooks. There is always a chance of finding more favorable odds on a betting exchange since odds are set by individuals and not the house.

Register Your Account

Click on the “Register” button on the top right side of the homepage. A new page will open that has some fields asking for your information. Submit all the required details and click on continue.

Just keep following the instructions, set a username and password and you are all set.

To log in the next time, simply enter your credentials. Easy!

View The Odds

Just next to the register button, there is an option of “View our odds” that takes you to all the details you might be interested in. Here’s where you find the best odds, betting opportunities and upcoming events. Check and compare the winning odds for various sports events including College Basketball, NBA and NHL for productive betting. A simple interface offers smooth navigation and a ‘help’ box in the lower right makes seeking help like child’s play.

Prophet Boosts

Earn guaranteed, risk-free profits of up to $4K a year!

While users do get the best odds on every market, they can also use Prophet Boosts to bet against traditional sportsbooks and make sure shot profits. If you are into sports betting, naturally you are always seeking guaranteed ways to increase your chances of winning. The good news is that your search ends here at Prophet Boosts! They are like your trump card that unlocks special boosted markets offered by sportsbooks.

Let’s check how it works:

There are special boosted markets where you can make some nice cash. They offer these golden opportunities every day for the users. You just have to find that market on a sportsbook and place your wager there. This is the best part- Now you will come back to Prophet Exchange to bet against the odds boosted by the sportsbook. This is how you lock yourself a profit regardless of the outcome. It’s smart, it is super rewarding and it works!

Picture this- You are sitting all relaxed watching the game because you know you are going to win. Make it happen with just a sign-in.

Betting API

Playing the same boring sports betting? Well, no more because Prophet Exchange is here to make the same game more fun with their creative and genius Betting API. All users can access this innovative tool that lets you connect your betting software to their platform so you have the max control of your bets.

Thanks to their Betting API, you can easily integrate your betting tools with the exchange. Simply put, you can proceed to set your bet types, odds, and strategies seamlessly and automatically. Their API is very efficient and can be used both by pro bettors or newcomers to improve their strategies and betting possibilities respectively. Apply for it here and trade the way you want!

Take your betting to new heights with Prophet Exchange Betting API

  • Build personalized betting tools: Ever thought of creating custom-made tools that boost your betting strategy? It’s possible with their API. Controlling your bets, improving your arbitrage betting or strengthening algorithmic trading, build your tools that align with your needs.
  • Fetch markets: Access the countless profitable markets available on their platform through the API. It enables you to get market data in just a few minutes for efficient betting.
  • Fetch odds: Nothing can beat the power of having real-time odds updates. Stay posted on your preferred markets with up-to-date odds information and the latest data so you never miss any action.
  • Place bets: Bring accuracy to your betting strategy. Place bets directly on the exchange from your own software while having complete control over the money you are placing.

Important pre-requisites to use our Betting API:

  • Prophet Exchange operates only in New Jersey so you must be located there.
  • It’s better if you are technically capable of integrating with the API and if not, the support team can help guide you.
  • All users must read and agree to their Betting API Agreement which highlights all the terms and conditions for using it.

Request Your Own Odds

Why settle for the odds offered by traditional sportsbooks when you can have full control? Prophet Exchange’s “Request Your Own Odds” feature is totally ground-breaking; it gives you the power to ask your preferred odds for a bet. What happens here is that if you don’t like the odds you see, just ask for better options. As easy as placing a traditional bet but disruptively unique!

How it works?

Prophet Exchange believes that its users must be free to bet how they want and take charge of their betting experience. With this “request your odds” feature, you are most likely to secure better odds than what gets offered.

  • Requesting odds: You begin with requesting the odds but if you don’t find a market that caters to this request, it means that the market has no liquidity and your bet will now be posted for another user to match.
  • Requesting better odds: If you were expecting better odds than what you see, adjust the odds to your liking by just clicking on the team or result you want to bet. You can go to the “My Best” section to check if your wager was matched and if not, you can cancel those unmatched ones.

Prophet 101 Class

All this might seem a little confusing at first, especially when you are new to the game but that’s what the Prophet 101 class is for. It guides you with everything you must know about requesting your own odds and using the platform effectively.

Betting Calculators

Their effective betting calculators support your betting strategy and help with better decision-making. The helpful insights fetch you higher profits and fewer risks. From an expert to a fresher, everyone needs these invaluable calculators for an optimized approach.

We have 4 smart calculators:

  • Matched Betting Calculator: Matched betting uses free bets from sportsbooks to earn profits. This calculator estimates the ideal stakes and results for your bets so you make a guaranteed profit.
  • Free Bet Calculator: While free bets are most offered promotions by sportsbooks, using them requires careful planning. This calculator suggests the best way to use your free bets for maximum returns.
  • Risk-Free Bet Calculator: It considers the odds and potential outcomes and then calculates the ideal amount you can place for your risk-free bet.
  • Prophet Exchange Savings Calculator: Looking to save on your betting expenses? With this calculator, you can estimate how much you can save each month if you bet through Prophet Exchange.

Efficient Mobile App

Use the power of Prophet Exchange to its full potential with your fingertips. Their brilliant and user-friendly mobile app is available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play. Unlock all the benefits of the platform anytime anywhere. They also have a web application that you can explore.

Why is the Prophet Exchange app amazing?

Don’t miss a beat. Download their mobile app today and bet like never before!

  • Bet on your favorite sports and events on the go at your comfort.
  • When you set your own odds, you take better control of your betting experience.
  • It’s your ticket to real-time market data and the latest odds.
  • Checking and managing your bets is super easy.
  • Their meticulously designed app is simple to use and offers a smooth betting time.

Customer Support

Prophet Exchange is proud of its unmatched customer service and prompt responses. While other companies in the business prioritize profits over people, this platform is like your famous hangout cafe where you are treated like family. Guiding you wherever you feel lost is not just their forte but also a commitment. Prophet Exchange’s support team can take you out of any complexity and handle any concern that’s bothering you.

Their support executives are just an email or chat away when you need assistance. Simply Write to them at [email protected] and one of the executives will get back to you in no time. You can also reach out to them on different social media platforms.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Prophet Exchange


Minimum deposit at Prophet Exchange is $5 and the maximum is variable depending on your preferred payment method and how you have used this method in the past. If you have been a responsible user, the maximum deposit could be higher but lower in case you have been irregular.

You can deposit only via your financial instrument in their name. In case there is any transaction through any 3rd party financial instruments, your account could be put on hold or even to an end.


You can withdraw as little as $1 and there is no cap on the maximum amount. Most withdrawals are processed within a few hours, however it may also vary on the mode of payment you choose.

It can take up to 3-5 business days to fully process & reflect in your bank account. It’s important to note that Prophet Exchange reviews each withdrawal closely to ensure the safety of each user’s account.

Available Payment Options

Payment Method




Online Banking via Trustly

Online Banking

Deposit & Withdrawal

Secure and convenient deposit or withdraw directly from your bank account.
Includes Bank of America, Chase, Capital One 360, HSBC, PNC, Santander, TD Bank, Wells Fargo, and Citi Bank.

Cash at the Counter at Harrah’s

Cash at Counter

Deposit & Withdrawal

Available for players near or visiting Atlantic City.
Withdrawal requires prior contact with the support team, amount confirmation and presentation of valid ID.
Deposit requires prior contact with the support team, confirmation of the amount, a valid ID, and a signing deposit slip.

Wire Transfer

Bank Wire Transfer


Directly transfer funds from the bank account to the Prophet Exchange account. Meant for large transactions.
Take up to 72 hours.
Minimum deposit $1,000.
Requires sending email address in the note.

Debit and Credit

Debit/Credit Card


Supports Visa, Discover, and MasterCard debit and credit cards.
Credit and debit limit $10,000 per transaction.


Online Payment

Deposit & Withdrawal

Supports deposits and withdrawals.
Limit $10,000 per transaction and $25,000 per day.


Online Payment

Deposit & Withdrawal

Safe deposits and withdrawals.
Limit $10,000 per transaction.

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