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This is our BetBurger review for 2019! This premium betting software analyze and calculate surebets and all you have to do is to bet and make safe profit. BetBurger’s surebet service scans more than 100 bookies along with a great variety of sports!

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  • 100 + bookies scanned daily: The number of bookmakers scanned is constantly growing. Now they obtain data from more than 100 bookies!
  • 30 + sports scanned daily: BetBurger arbitrage betting software scans a huge variety of sports (30 kinds of sport for Prematch and 25 for Live) that allows the customers to pick out unique arbitrage situations. Moreover, the gamblers are less “visible” for bookmakers due to the fact that the odds are not being loaded by a large number of surebets.
  • 100 000 + daily betting opportunities: They gather odds from a great number of markets — event outcomes, totals, European and Asian handicaps, to win to nil etc.

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Arbitrage betting software made by professionals

Since 2013, BetBurger helped 100,000+ customers outsmart the bookmakers!

BetBurger Surebets

If you register today you’ll get full access to the core functionality with limits. You’ll see the betting opportunities, but your profit potential will be limited by 1% of your total bet amount, and the opportunities will be presented to you with a delay.

  • The original tried and tested arbing
  • You gain profit on every arb
  • Predictable arbing
  • Available in Prematch and Live

For unlimited access, check out the paid plans: See Surebets Plans

BetBurger Valuebets

The secret to true success is in consistency. If you want to consistently gain 110% ROI and higher, Valuebets is the right place.

Get 110% return playing the long game!

  • Arbing on overvalued odds
  • Easier but slower arbing
  • Higher profits in the long run
  • Available in Prematch and Live

For unlimited access, check out the paid plans: See Valuebets Plans


The team decided to make this free arbitrage betting software more flexible for those who use different strategies. You don’t have to install any off-site programs on your computer. Just open your favorite browser and get to work! Moreover, BetBurger runs on smartphones and tablets!

Arb Helper – extension for direct link to bookmakers

This extension helps you arb. It saves you time looking for the outcome you need and avoiding potential mistakes while betting. Bookmakers do not see the source of the redirect, so your browser activity remains undetectable.

How does it work?

  1. Step 1. Install the extension
  2. Step 2. Sync settings
  3. Step 3. Sign into bookmaker accounts
  4. Step 4. Make bets

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Can I try the product for free before I pay?

Yes, the limited version of the core service is available for free. All you need to do is create an account. You’ll get access to Prematch and Live, but you’ll only see the surebets limited to 1% profit with a delay (5 minutes for Prematch and 60 seconds for Live).

I’m just starting out. Which subscription is better for a newbie like me?

Prematch subscription is highly recommended for people new to arbing. Once you learn the ropes and feel more comfortable, you may try out the Live subscription, too.

When will my account be activated?

Usually, your account is activated instantly. In case your payment is made through VISA or MasterCard, the procedure may take a couple of hours. If you’re waiting for your account to be activated, we highly recommend checking out the Arbing Academy, a free resource teaching you how to become a better arber.

Bet Types: What is Game Line?

All bookmakers are looking forward to attract as much players as possible. They present different game lines for that reason. The more diverse the line, the more interesting the process of betting.

Game line is a list of bets and odds offered by a bookmaker for a particular event. It includes various types: statistics, additional bets. Each bet has its value which may be changed to bookmaker’s discretion. The line has different form depending on a bookie.


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3 Replies to “BetBurger Review — World’s Most Famous Surebet Service”

  1. Hi, I’ve been using Betburger for three years. They always have a discount for the New Year. I am very pleased 🙂
    I’ve tried others, but this one I liked the most. I follow your promotions here 🙂 Thanks

    1. You can use it with at least two bookies. Surebets will be shown only between the selected 2 bookmakers. Of course, the more the better. Read more on their website.

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