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At BetOnValue you can check and compare odds from 165 bookmakers and betting exchanges from across the globe, covering essentially every sporting event in the world at any time. They have a wide range of tools and features to assist you in your betting.

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BetOnValue and the SureBet Calculator

Depending on your subscription at BetOnValue, the SureBets will have some delay in being published. Also depending on your subscription, back-lay SureBets will be included or not. See their subscription plans for more information.

From every SureBet, you’ll find a link to their SureBet Calculator. When you click through here, you’ll be helped to calculating the correct stakes to place. The calculator makes it possible to calculate stakes for the best SureBet of the event.

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You can also do calculations using the odds from other bookmakers, where the odds may be lower, but which for some reason is more attractive to you, for instance because you have money available on an existing account or that you can bet higher stakes. The SureBet calculator can even make these calculations individual to the currencies you employ at your accounts and the commission you pay at the exchanges involved!

Notice: To take advantage of a SureBet, you will have to be signed up at all three bookmakers. The calculation does not include expenses for transferring money to and from bookmakers. There is also a risk of having bets voided by bookmakers after they are placed. Finally some bookmakers require that you bet on more than a single match to accept your bet.

Surebets Strategy – Introduction

This short guide on arbitrage betting may help you get started and develop some good practices in your betting. It is by no means definitive. You will learn more as you go along, from your own experience and from talking to other people doing it. Take care and bet smart!

Speed matters! SureBets come and go. In particular SureBets involving odds from betting exchanges are very volatile as user actions move prices at the blink of an eye. So you have to be fast.

First of all, you need fast information! The SureBet Pro product is aimed at this. They look for new SureBets immediately upon receiving every single odds change from the bookmakers and then instantly publish them at the website. It relies on the fastest data collection available.

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Note that this, even if it is industry leading, is not true real-time and that the speed also varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, depending on the way they can access their odds systems. BetOnValue have a dedicated team working continually on both adding more bookmakers and on improving collection speed from existing bookmakers.

As for placing the bets, you’ll quickly develop best practices in doing this. Some very simple advice is:

  1. Keep your account information in a single place with easy access.
  2. Keep bookmaker browser windows open for later access.
  3. Always watch the balances at your accounts before placing the first bet in order to avoid having to make a deposit in the middle of placing the bets. You may even have surpassed your credit card limit for the day.
  4. Check kick-off and don’t try to place SureBets immediately before the event starts, as you’ll be left with no time to react in case something unexpected happens.
  5. Don’t push yourself! When tired, take a break or stop. You will make errors and risk losing what took you weeks to build up.

Do your accounting

If you bet for profit, you need to know if you’re successful. The only way to know is to keep accurate account of your betting. For common betting purposes, with a limited set of accounts, this is fairly easy. For arbitrage betting, you need other ways of doing it, as you will use a large number of accounts to do arbitrage.

The foolproof way of doing this is to look at changes in balances.

Using the SureBet Calculator

For optimal use of the SureBet calculator, here are some tips:

It is assumed in the SureBet calculator, that you use the EU (decimal) style odds format. This is for convenience in the calculations. Errors will appear if you have the SureBet page in another odds format and try to do SureBet calculations.
There may be SureBets you can’t take advantage of, as you can’t get an account with one of the bookmakers involved. Simply go to My Bookmakers and remove this bookmaker from your list. It will disappear from all odds tables, the SureBets page and the SureBet Calculator.
The currency of the profits is identical to that you chose for the total risk.
When dealing with betting exchanges, you’ll often be limited by an amount available. This even happens with bookmakers with restrictive bet limit policies. For these cases lock the stake of the restrictive bet to its maximum size in order to calculate the rest of the stakes, including the total risk.
You can calculate SureBets even when the account currencies are not identical. They update exchange rates hourly from the European Central Bank. While you may at any time change the currency settings, the default values will be those set by you at My Bookmakers.
You can manually adjust the commission rates for betting exchanges in the calculator. The default rates shown are those you chose at My Bookmakers.
You can manually adjust the odds. Say that you go to a betting exchange just to find out that the odds are slightly different than what they show at BetOnValue. Then just enter the new odds, click Calculate, and check for profits.

Odds Navigation

Reaching the different sports, regions and tournaments hasn’t changed, though, and they’ve made it faster than ever. When you’re in the Odds Comparison section of BetOnValue, either navigate to a menu item by clicking its name, or expand and collapse its corresponding subsections by clicking the expand or collapse buttons attached to each item. For example, if you need to reach the English Premier League, you would have to find ‘Football‘ or ‘Soccer’ (depending on your region) and click on ‘Expand’, then find ‘England’ and expand it, then click on ‘Premier League’. Also notice the number besides every competition name, which helpfully represents the number of active events about to happen in that competition.

Odds table functions

You can sort any odds table to see the odds ordered by one of the columns of your choice.

BetOnValue now probably have the best live odds comparison system in the world! Odds that were changed during the last 10 minutes are indicated with directional arrows in the odds tables. Take advantage of knowing where the market is moving! Click on the odds to see the previous value and the time of the change.

Betting exchanges sometimes have limited liquidity available at their best prices. Place your mouse on the odds to see a pop up showing also the second and third best prices and volumes. It is also possible to hide/show all exchange data from BetOnValue, simply by clicking the corresponding checkbox from the Settings menu.

Getting Started – Basic Betting Guide

Below is a guide on how to get started with betting.

Find the best odds

Under matches you can select the matches you want to view odds from. Under outrights you can get odds on outright bets, such as the winner of Premier League. Use Next Matches to check up the upcoming events, and the Stats and Scores to see how your favorite teams and players have performed lately.

Choose the bookmaker by clicking the link with the bookmaker’s name. This will lead you to the bookmaker’s website. For some bookmakers, there will be a direct deep link to a betting slip or the event inside the bookmaker’s site. The direct links are placed on the odds in the odds tables and on the bookmaker names, in the other pages.

Bookmakers operate with different terms, rules and regulations. For that reason it is a good idea that you become acquainted with certain business terms of the bookmaker. You can get help under Bookmaker Information, which gives you information on specific bookmakers.

Here is a selection of the terms, which it is useful to know:
  • Options for depositing funds at betting account
  • Requirements of a minimum deposit amount
  • Options for withdrawals from betting account
  • Fees in relation to deposits on betting account
  • Fees in relation to withdrawals from betting account
  • Minimum matches required for a bet
  • Minimum required stake in a bet
  • Maximum allowed stake in a bet
  • Maximum allowed winning in a bet
  • Rules for voiding bets accepted

The bookmakers have different rules and regulations, so it is recommended that you spend a little time becoming acquainted with the specific terms of a bookmaker.

Place a bet

When you have deposited funds at your betting account, you can start placing bets. Notice that some bookmakers only accept that you bet doubles and triples, that is combining two and three matches respectively. You can come across six different formats for presentation of odds. There is the European way (decimals), the British way (fractions), the American way, the Malaysian way, the Hong Kong way and, finally, the Indonesian way. Read more about odds formats under Odds Formats. With some bookmakers you will notice that you, instead of entering how much you want to bet, have to enter how much you want to win, that is the winnings (payment – stake).

Technical errors and delays may appear, causing the odds to be incorrect. BetOnValue collect a lot of information from many different sources and may make mistakes in this process. In addition, a bookmaker may have had technical problems on their own website or slow Internet connections may have made it impossible to update the information. Always check the odds before placing a bet. The information is provided without liability.

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