Poker games such as Omaha and Hold’em have gone through a significant transformation over the years. To be precise, people have changed the way they play and think about poker games. In fact, they no longer apply the small bet size strategy that was commonly used in those early days. Poker players applied the small bet size strategy for several reasons. Firstly, they believed that small bet size strategies are easy to understand and execute. Secondly, they believed that one could make money frequently with little risk.

Well, if you use the small bet sizing strategy, you will win frequently, but you won’t win big. So, if you want to increase your winning rate, you must reinvent. And to increase your winning rate, you only need to bet big on the flop. Keep reading this article and discover five advantages of betting big on the flop.

Advantage 1: It is hard to Play Against Big Flop Bets

One reason why some poker players prefer small bet size strategies is that they are easy to understand and execute. However, small bet sizes create a level playing field for opponents. In other words, they make it easy for opponents to play against. So, if you want to make it hard for opponents, you must adopt the big flop sizing strategy.

According to poker experts, the big flop sizing strategy forces our opponents to make difficult decisions. And when they make difficult decisions, they end up making more betting mistakes. The end result is that they lose the bet to you. Well, this wouldn’t have been the case if you had applied the small-size betting strategy.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to be a poker expert if you want to apply the big flop sizing strategy. If you don’t have the necessary poker skills, you will be forced to make more betting mistakes and lose the bet to your opponent. You can avoid all this by first learning all the poker skills. In fact, you can start with small bets until you become an expert. Once you have what it takes, you can execute the big flop sizing strategy.

Advantage 2: Big Bets Guarantee you More Money in Certain Situations

The use of poker solvers has indeed resulted in a dramatic shift in sizing strategies among poker players. In other words, the overreliance on poker solvers has forced poker players to bet small. According to some poker solvers, the expected values of the small sizing strategy and the big flop sizing strategy are equal. This is to say that poker players can choose the sizing strategy they want, considering that they have the same expected value. And since players don’t want to take risks, they go for the small sizing strategy.

Well, the above simplification is just a theoretical approach and doesn’t apply in the real world. This is because the Expected values from poker solvers are done against a perfect GTO poker opponent. In fact, there is an incalculable amount of extra expected values to be gained in the real world. And when you play real poker, you will discover that the extra EV gained favors the big flop sizing strategy. All this explains why the big flop sizing strategy will earn you more money in certain scenarios.

Advantage 3: Creative Sizing gives you an Advantage Over Advanced Players

Creative sizing strategies can also give you an advantage over experienced poker players. For example, you can imagine a situation where I am in the cutoff, you are in the Big Blind, and the flop is A♠ K♥ 6♣. Again, you check me on the flop, and I bet 150% pot. As you can see, this is a tough situation, and you won’t have an idea of how to proceed. In fact, you will start asking yourself these questions:

  • How many of King –X’s hands should I call with?
  • Do I always call Ace-Two?
  • What hands, if any, should I check-raise with?
  • Does queen-jack have a backdoor flush draw?

When facing such a large bet size, you won’t even know a single answer to the above questions. As a poker player, you can present your opponent with such as bet size and take advantage of the situation. There will always be something profitable you can capitalize on.

Advantage 4: Bet Big and Get Exclusive Rewards

Some poker sites have exclusive rewards for poker players who bet big. For example, there are poker sites that will give you a highroller bonus once you wager a huge amount of money on poker games. Once you get these poker bonuses, you can use them to bet on poker and boost your chances of winning.

In addition to the poker highroller bonus, some poker sites have a VIP program for VIP poker players. Plus, the VIP program has plenty of rewards for poker players. In order to become a VIP member, you only need to wager more on poker games. And when you become a member, you will get poker rewards like cashback bonuses, deposit bonuses, and much more.

Advantage 5: Skill Enhancement

Many say that betting big on poker is for the big boys. Well, we can add to that and say that betting big is for experienced or advanced players. Of course, you cannot just make huge deposits and bet on poker, knowing very well that you are a novice player. If you do that, you lose terribly. Since betting big is for advanced players, you have a chance to interact with the best minds and enhance your poker skills. And when you sharpen your skills, you stand a chance of winning big. In other words, you minimize betting mistakes.

Final Thoughts

Creative sizing strategies are indeed some of the best ways to always stay ahead of the game. If you have been betting small, it is now the best time to bet big and take your gameplay to another level. When you bet big, you will take advantage of advanced players and win more money in certain scenarios. You will also unlock plenty of poker rewards and enhance your poker skills. Execute poker sizing strategies today, and you won’t regret it.

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