Sports Standings

Sports are undeniably some of the most popular games in the world. Besides, there are a variety of sports that you can bet on as a punter.

Here, we cover all types of sports as well as leagues in these particular sports. With our standings, you will get to know the performance and rankings of teams in various leagues. Again, this information will help you to know which sport and league to bet on. To learn more about all our standings, read our article.

All our Standings

Here at, we have standings for different types of sports. We also provide you with rankings of various teams in the different leagues. In general, this is the only place where you will get all the statistics of a variety of leagues in the world. Presently, we have the following standings.

Football Standings

Football is one of the main sports that we have standings for different leagues. In each league, we provide you with a table that shows the performance of all teams. For instance, you will know the number of points for each team, goals scored, won matches, lost matches, number of draws, goals conceded, and goal difference. At the moment, we have standings for the following football leagues.

  • English Premier League. This is one of the most famous football leagues in the world. It has 20 teams, and you can find the rankings in our Premier League table.
  • Spanish La Liga. We also have standings for La Liga, which is the top professional football league for men in Spain. The league has 20 teams, and you can check the performance on our La Liga Table.
  • Italian Serie A. Established in 1898, this league has 20 teams from Italy. You can check the standings on our Serie A table.
  • French Legue 1. Another popular league that we have is French Legue 1. This league has 19 teams from France and 1 team from Monaco. To know more about the performance of the teams, you can check our Legue 1 table.
  • Russian Premier League. If this is your favorite league, we have got you covered. Here at, we have current statistics for the 16 teams that participate in this league.

Other Standings

In addition to the football standings, we also have standings for other types of sports. These standings are not available at the moment, but we will have them in the near future. They include:

  • Tennis standings. If tennis is your favorite sport, you can check standings for competitions such as The Australian Open, The French Open, The Wimbledon Championship, and The US Open.
  • Basketball standings. In the near future, we will have standings for leagues such as NBA, NCAA, NBL, Euro League, Basketball Bundesliga, etc.
  • Volleyball standings. Still, punters who love betting on Volleyball matches will get standings for popular leagues in the world. For instance, we will have leagues such as Italy Superliga, Brazil Volleyball Superliga, Turkey Efe League, and others.
  • Baseball standings. bet will also cover Baseball standings for popular leagues such as MLB, Italian Baseball League, Australian Baseball League, etc.
  • Cricket standings. Lovers of Cricket will also have a reason to smile. We will have standings for many leagues, including India Premier League, Big Bash League, Global T20 League, etc.
  • Rugby Union standings. Any time soon, you will get updates for Rugby Union leagues such as the Irish Elite league, Serbian Championship, RFL Championship League, etc.
  • Handball standings. We understand that there are many lovers of Handball. For that reason, we provide updates for unlimited leagues, including Handball World Championship, European Handball League, Asian Handball League, etc.


Sports are undoubtedly the most thrilling games for punters across the world. Here at, we aim at taking your experience to the next level by providing you with updates for a variety of sports. Specifically, we have standings for many sports, including Football, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Handball, and many more. These standings show the performance of teams in different leagues. Therefore, you can use this information to decide which sport, league, and match to bet on.