Responsible Gambling Policy (as represented in the Terms of Use) providing information in regard to betting and gambling strongly recommends all the visitors of the website and those who use the services to play online responsibly.

Our aim is to help you enjoy gaming, but also to provide you with the knowledge to do it smartly.

Underage users

You should take into consideration the fact that online gambling is allowed only if you are over 18 and over the age at which this kind of activity is legal and legit according to the law (“Legal Age”).

If you live together with a person who hasn’t reached the Legal Age yet, you should think of the secrecy of your access data to prevent under-aged people from the uncontrolled use of any gambling websites. For the same reason, you are recommended not to leave the electronic device you use with the gaming site open.

It is also possible to control and restrain the opportunity to access the internet by means of such third party applications which are usually used by parents or guardians.

Responsible Gambling

Here are some points which will make your gaming safe and enjoyable:

The aim of online casinos is to entertain you, not to solve all your financial difficulties.

You should enjoy yourself and don’t dream of getting rich in one day;
Gambling is not a way of raising money. The fact is the majority of players lose their savings;
Never stake more than you manage to compensate;
Never play for the money you need for your everyday life;

If you start gaming, you should control the process and set some limits. You are to think of the time you can spend playing, of the sums you can afford to lose, and of the amount you deposit. Take control of everything you do and don’t lose yourself in the virtual world. Never hunt your losings.

We know very well that some players might have serious problems with their addiction to gamble which they can hardly realize. In order to determine whether you have a gambling problem or not, we suggest you answer these questions:

Have you ever deceived about the duration or success of your gaming?
Do you use gambling to escape from real life or when you are low-spirited?
Have you ever asked your friends or family to lend you some money for betting? Can you remember the cases when you stole money for this purpose?
Do you notice an adverse impact of playing on your relationships with other people?
Do you want to pay debts with money you win in casinos?
If you have little money by the end of the game, do you feel upset and desperately want to find more money to continue playing?
Have you ever tried to cover the actual time or sums of money you spent?
Have you ever had the necessity to count on others regarding the financing of your gaming?
Do you frequently think about playing?
Have you ever taken unreasonable risks trying to win the lost money back?

Recommendations and Assistance

If you gave positive answers to most questions mentioned above, you should admit you are having problems with betting. You shouldn’t wait to ask for professional help. Try to rely on some of the following organizations:

Gambling Therapy
Gamblers Anonymous