La Liga Table & Standings

La Liga is arguably one of the top leagues in Europe. It is a football league where 20 teams from Spain play against each other in order to be crowned the champions title. If you love betting on this league, we have made your work easier. Before you place a bet, you can first check the teams’ performance in our La Liga table. That way, you will know the performance of different teams and make an informed decision. To know more about this league, read this article.

History of La Liga

Established in 1929, La Liga is the top professional football league for men in Spain. In addition to that, the league has 20 teams that play against each other with the aim of winning the champions title. Since its inception, 62 teams have completed the league. Out of these 62 teams, 9 teams have been crowned the champions title, with Real Madrid winning 34 times. Other teams that have won the title include Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, Deportivo La Coruna, etc.

Teams in the La Liga Table

Presently, La Liga has a total of 20 teams. These are the teams that you will find on our La Liga table. Again, they are all ranked based on their performance. The competition in this league is double round-robin. As a result, each club must play against every other club twice – once home and once away. If a team wins the match, 3 points will be recorded. On the other hand, a draw has 1 point while a loss has no point.

It is also worth noting that the last three teams in the league are relegated to Segunda Division. These teams are then replaced by the top two teams from Segunda Division. Finally, the third team is promoted to La Liga after play-offs that involve the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth-placed clubs. Some of the teams that you will find in this league include Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia, Atletico Madrid, Sevilla FC, Real Sociedad, etc.

When do the Teams Play?

The league starts from August to May every year. Like many other leagues, most of the matches are played during weekends – Saturday and Sunday. In some rare cases, however, you may find some matches being played on weekdays.

La Liga Rankings

The teams in Primera Division are ranked based on their performance. For instance, our La Liga table ranks the games based on the following:

  • Points (PTS). This is the first metric used to rank the teams in the league. The team with the most points is always the leading team.
  • Won matches (W). Still, we rank the teams based on the matches won during the season.
  • Lost matches (L). In our La Liga table, you will know all the matches that the team has lost.
  • Draw (D). Our table will also show you all the matches that have ended with a tie.
  • Goals for (G+). This refers to all the goals a team has scored during the season. You will find this information in our La Liga table.
  • Goals (G-). If you want to know all the goals that a team has conceded, you can check our table.
  • Goal difference (GD). If the teams have equal points at the end of the season, goal difference is used to rank these teams. In order to get the goals difference, you need to take the goals for and less the goals against.

Final Thoughts

La Liga is arguably one of the best leagues to follow. Here at, we keep you updated 24/7. You can check our La Liga table and see the rankings of various teams. With our rankings, you can know the strengths and weaknesses of a team. And with this information, you will make an informed decision when placing your bet.