OddsJam Review🥇

OddsJam Review🥇

OddsJam is the #1 tool for smart sports bettors located anywhere in the United States and Canada.

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OddsJam is one of the most sophisticated arbitrage and value betting software. It claims to be the fastest real-time bookmaker scanner that showcases odd discrepancies in popular sportsbooks from the US, Canada, Australia, Europe, and more. Read this OddsJam review to learn whether or not it is worth the money!

With over 30+ years of combined experience in value betting, arbitrage betting and matched betting, Surebets.bet brings you an impartial, fair and comprehensive review of OddsJam. Having utilized this service alongside various other betting services and tools, our analysis focuses on critical aspects such as feature richness, odds scanning speed, accuracy – basically, whether or not the product delivers any value for you. It’s important to note that OddsJam stands out as the sole odds comparison tool that meticulously scans all significant betting sites in the USA and Canada, as well as several other countries and juristictions.

Despite its unique position, especially in the US market, there are also several excellent alternatives available in the market.

  • Fast and Real-Time Data: OddsJam offers one of the fastest updates in the market, crucial for arbitrage betting, matched betting and valuebetting.
  • Wide Range of Bookmakers: Scans numerous sportsbooks across different regions, including those popular in Canada and the US, as well as global bookmakers. OddsJam offers over 150 different bookmakers!
  • Tools for Different Strategies: Supports arbitrage, matched betting, middle betting, and positive expected value bets.
  • Low Latency Odds Feeds: OddsJam offers an incredibly fast OddsFeed, ensuring users get access to near real-time odds at all times.
  • Mobile Friendly: OddsJam offers a responsive, mobile friendly interface, which means you can place your bets on the go.
  • Free Trial: Try OddsJam for free now!
  • Cost: It can be quite expensive, especially for casual bettors. For the more expensive Plans, we recommend you build up your betting bank before diving into the most powerful tools OddsJam offer.
  • Complexity: New users might find the interface and wealth of information overwhelming. Make sure to read the tutorials and the FAQs.

But first… What is OddsJam?

OddsJam offers a comprehensive set of tools that are especially useful for matched betting, arbitrage and valuebetting. Its fast and accurate scanner provides real-time updates, which are essential for these strategies. Given its range of features, for serious bettors who want to leverage statistical edges, OddsJam is definitely worth considering.

Ok, Sounds Good…So, How Much Can I Make Using OddsJam?

OddsJam offers a great opportunity for bettors to significantly boost their earnings. Users who actively use OddsJam’s tools and insights can expect to make profits that is over 10x their subscription fee. Are you paying for the Gold Plan, you will have no problem at making profits over $2.000 every month. This impressive ROI highlights how valuable OddsJam can be in helping bettors find the best odds and make the most of their betting. Whether you’re into matched betting, arbitrage, value betting, or just looking for the best lines, OddsJam can dramatically increase your betting profits.

In April 2024, surebets.bet users made a big impact by earning in total over $250,000. They did this by using bonuses and promotions offered by bookmakers, including reload bonuses. This shows just how effective these strategies are. At surebets.bet, we help users pick the best offers to boost their earnings significantly. This success highlights how using the right tools and advice from surebets.bet can really pay off in the betting world.

Just look at this user profiting over $20.000 – every month

Read more about

Here’s a breakdown of our tips/suggestions for each betting tool. These tools are designed to help you make more money when doing matched betting, arbitrage betting or valuebetting.

Low Hold Bets – Matched Bettings “Secret Sauce”

This is OddsJam’s “Matched Betting” tool. This helps you play trough bonuses at sportsbooks in an efficient manner. As a bettor, you can earn lots of “free bonus money” on sportsbooks with rewards programs, such as BetOnline, WynnBet, Stake, DraftKings, FanDuel and Caesars. Placing low hold bets is a good way to gain “VIP Status” on sportsbooks and also get free bonus money. You can read more about Matched Betting and how it differs from Arbitrage betting here.

The main advantage of Matched Betting is that is much less likely to lead to a restricted account than arbitrage betting.

OddsJams “Promo Finder” (Free Bets)

These are a common form of sports betting bonuses. If you want to turn your free bets into cold, hard cash, then you can “convert them” using this service. The Promo Finder will show you the different promotional offers the different bookmakers in your area are offering. For example, in New Jersey you can claim almost $3.000 in free bets and convert them to cash using OddsJam.

Taking advantage of welcome offers and promotions from bookmakers is a smart move for any bettor looking to boost their bankroll. Many sportsbooks offer special bonuses like free bets or deposit matches for new users. By using these deals wisely, you can start with a bigger amount of money to bet with, without risking more of your own cash. This extra money means you can make more bets, which could help you grow your bankroll even faster. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions of each offer carefully so you can get the most out of them. With more money in your betting account, you’ll have more flexibility to try different betting strategies and increase your chances of winning.

Whether you are a complete newbie or a professional bettor, this is a no-brainer for everyone!

Arbitrage Bets Tool

Arbitrage betting is making risk-free profits due to discrepancies in sportsbook odds. You need to move fast to be successful, as arbitrage bets are market inefficiencies, so they don’t always last very long. Since sportsbooks want to be unique, they set odds independently. When sportsbooks have major pricing discrepancies, you can bet on equal and opposite outcomes and earn a risk-free return (e.g. over 6.5 strikeouts on FanDuel, under 6.5 strikeouts on DraftKings).

Arbitrage bets are rare and practically impossible to find without software. However, with OddsJam updating millions of odds every second, it is possible to grow your bankroll risk-free with arbitrage betting. About 0.001% of the odds on sportsbooks are arbitrage bets, and the OddsJam software will find them for you!

The Arbitrage Tool has a calculator icon that will show you exactly how much to wager on each sportsbook and what your risk-free profit will be.

OddsJam scans a variety of sports in order to provide you with hundreds of arbitrage opportunities. In particular, the sports covered here include Tennis, Football, Basketball, Boxing, Baseball, Hockey, MMA, and Soccer. Again, these are sports offered by some of the most popular bookmakers, including Pinnacle, Draftkings, BetMGM, Fox Bet, and WinnBET.

You can also screen Exchanges like Betfair and Orbit Exchange, which you can access via the recommended BFB247.

Positive EV Bets

This is “valuebetting”, where the Positive EV Bets software finds bets that are likely to give you long term positive ROI. You will have to have access to different bookmakers in order to place bets with the ones offering the best odds – also known as “line shopping”. This involves risk and variance though, so it is not for everyone. We recommend starting with the other strategies offered by OddsJam.

What is Line shopping?

Getting great odds is at the “core” of profitable sports betting. No sports bettor wins every bet, so if you’re able to get +120 as opposed to +105, this will dramatically increase your profit in the long run. Line shop before you ever place a bet! This is critical. It’s (literally) impossible to make money in sports betting if you’re placing bets at -105 odds when other bookmakers are offering +110.

Every successful sports bettor knows the importance of line shopping to secure the best odds available. OddsJam are really good at highlighting the most favorable odds in your area, leading to increased potential earnings when your bets win. Remember, no one wins every bet, but the key to long-term profit lies in consistently finding the best odds.

Consider this scenario: if you split your first two sports bets (one win, one loss) with $100 staked each time, betting at +110 odds would net you a $10 gain, whereas betting at -110 odds would result in a $9.10 loss. The lesson is clear—expand your options by signing up for multiple sportsbook accounts, which usually takes just a minute or two each. Here’s a pro tip: Odds can shift rapidly, just like stock prices in the financial market. If you spot attractive odds, act quickly and learn to efficiently navigate between books, as sportsbooks may change odds at any time.


Middles are the “free lottery tickets” of sports betting. Where you create a no-cost bet with payoff in the middle of two handicap or totals bets. One example is if you bet one team to lose by less than 10 points, and the other team to win by more than 7 points, you have created a “middle” if the win is 8 or 9 points where both your bets win.

Needless to say, middles can be extremely profitable.

Parlay Builder – Access +EV Combo Bets

The OddsJam Parlay Builder is a new tool designed to help you create parlays. This feature allows users to efficiently combine multiple bets into a single parlay, increasing their overall payout.

Using the OddsJam Parlay Builder, bettors can easily select their preferred bets from a comprehensive list of odds provided by various sportsbooks. The tool is easy to use and guides you through each step of building your parlay, from choosing your events to calculating your potential profits.

What sets the OddsJam Parlay Builder apart is its ability to automatically find and suggest the best odds for your selected outcomes, ensuring that you get the most value out of your bet. Even slight differences in odds can significantly affect the payout of a parlay, which is why the Parlay Builder is really valuable for any bettor.

The Best Features of OddsJam Software

With OddsJam, you can see which bookmakers have the best odds on each game for player props, totals, alternative markets, money lines, spreads, and more.

✔ Low-Hold Bets

Finds low hold bets on 150+ bookmakers

✔ Positive EV Bets

Positive expected value betting opportunities

✔ Arbitrage Calculator

Calculate stakes for bets on every possible outcome. 100% risk free betting.

✔ #1 Matched Betting tool for US bettors

Matched Betting in the US has never been more profitable

There are multiple betting tools to make the most of actionable betting opportunities. A brief summary in the table below:

  • Positive EV betting. Expected value is a statistical calculation that displays the anticipated bet value at some point in the future. It does so by taking the difference between winning probability multiplied by the amount of win and the losing probability multiplied by the amount you may lose. Every time you get a positive result, you have a great chance to make money.
  • Arbitrage betting. This is when you bet on both outcomes for the same event at two different sportsbooks. The OddsJam betting tool shows real-time opportunities across the sportsbooks in your country. It then allows you to narrow them down by the highest percentage of guaranteed profit.
  • Free betting. Almost all sportsbooks offer promotions, bonuses, and credits. With the free bet conversion tool, you can convert these credits into hard cash and get up to a 75% conversion rate with OddsJam.
  • Middle betting. This is a rare arbitrage opportunity where you can win both bets you make, and lose nothing if only one bet wins. The OddsJam US middle betting tool displays middle bets on all sports sorted by profit percentage representing the edge of each bookie.
  • Real-time tracking. The OddsJam arbitrage betting tool feels even more full-blown when you track every bet you place to understand the full value of your portfolio across different sportsbooks. The bet tracker makes it easy to monitor the closing line value, which gives you a better idea of the profitability of your bet.
  • Email alerts. One of the best things is the email alert feature. It brings all the betting opportunities directly to your inbox.

Where Can I Use OddsJam in the US?

Here’s a quick look at some of the best states in the U.S. for sports betting, where bettors have plenty of options and good environments:

New Jersey

New Jersey is a leader in sports betting, having played a key role in changing national laws. It offers a wide range of betting options, including online, mobile, and in-person at casinos and racetracks. It’s known for its competitive market, giving bettors lots of choices.


Nevada has been offering sports betting for a long time, centered around Las Vegas. It has a mature market with numerous sportsbooks. Although it required bettors to register in person for online bets until recently, it remains a top destination for major sports events.


Since legalizing sports betting in 2018, Pennsylvania has become a hotspot for bettors. It allows online, mobile, and in-person betting at various casinos. The state has attracted major betting operators, creating a thriving market.


Colorado quickly became a favorite for bettors after legalizing sports betting in 2020. It allows easy access to online and mobile betting and is known for its competitive odds and promotions.

Where Can I Use OddsJam in Canada?

Sports betting in Canada has seen changes recently, making it more accessible and varied across provinces. Here’s a quick overview of some key regions in Canada where betting is popular:


Ontario is at the forefront of sports betting in Canada, having opened its market to private operators in April 2022. This move allows residents to place bets online with various domestic and international sportsbooks, not just through the provincial lottery. The region offers a broad range of betting options, from major league sports to international events.

British Columbia

British Columbia allows legal sports betting through the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC), which offers both retail and online betting options. B.C. bettors can engage in sports wagering via the PlayNow website, which is the province’s regulated platform, providing secure access to a variety of sports betting markets.


Alberta entered the sports betting scene more recently, with online betting available through the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Commission (AGLC). The province launched its own online gambling site, PlayAlberta.ca, which includes sports betting among other gaming options, making it a one-stop-shop for Alberta bettors.


Quebec has offered sports betting for several years through Loto-Québec’s Mise-o-jeu platform. This service provides opportunities for placing bets on various sports, both online and at retail locations. Quebec’s approach focuses on offering a controlled and safe betting environment.

Bet Tracker

Another great feature that this arbitrage betting site stands out with is Bet tracker. With this handy feature, you can track your bets across multiple sportsbooks. Precisely, the tracker will help you know whether you have won or lost the bet. Better still, the tracker will keep a record of your daily/weekly profit, bets that beat CLV, ROI, and the most profitable sportsbooks/sports. You can also use the tracker to track bets not covered by the software, as well as deposits and withdrawals from sportsbooks.


OddsJam is a modern arbitrage betting software, meaning it features the latest technology. Here, you won’t face issues while navigating through the site. Whether you are a novice or experienced bettor, you will easily find a risk-free bet and dive right into the action. Moreover, the website is compatible with a variety of devices. You will, for instance, access risk-free bets through desktop computers as well as smartphones. The supported smartphones include Windows, Android, and iOS. With these, you will enjoy plenty of risk-free bets on the go.

Email alerts

One thing you will like about this arbitrage betting service is the email alert feature. Specifically, this feature allows you to get risk-free bets right into your inbox. With this, you will never miss any arbitrage opportunities. Whether you love valuebets, middle bets, or arbitrage bets, you will get them through the mail. The only need you need to do is to check your inbox regularly.

How to create an account at OddsJam 

At OddsJam, you must register an account in order to access the risk-free bets and all the other tools. Firstly, an account will give you access to the 7-day free trial. Furthermore, you will be able to pay for subscriptions and access arbs with higher profits. Below is the simple registration process:

  1. Visit the official website.
  2. On the site’s homepage, click on the “Start your free trial” button.
  3. Choose the plan you wish to subscribe to. At the same time, you will select whether to subscribe monthly or annually.
  4. After selecting your plan, you will enter your first name, last name, email, and state/country in the registration form.
  5. Accept the Terms of service.
  6. Finally, click on the “Submit” button.

Pricing plans and payment methods

With OddsJam, you can sign up for a free trial for seven days. All the tools fromOddsJam costs much less than other similar tools on the market. If you think they are worth investing in, you can choose from different pricing plans, depending on your location.

Oddsjam Pricing: US, North America and regulated juristictions

Silver Plan — $83/month

This is the cheapest OddsJam plan, where you will get pre-match bet recommendations for FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, Fliff, and Hard Rock. You will also get access to the Arbitrage Bets Tool (risk-free bets), as well as the Positive Expected Value Tool (high-value bets). This enables you to profit from sportsbetting and convert your promos to real cash.

Gold Plan — $166/month

For the Gold plan you will get everything in Silver, as well as pre match bet recommendations for all the US bookmakers (40+ bookies). In addition, you will get access to push notifications when new bets drop or the odds are updated. This ensures you are always getting the latest odds with minimal delay.

Middles are also available, as well as the famous “Low Hold Bets”, which are essential if you want to climb the bookmaker VIP ladder for your accounts. You will also get access to the “1-Click-Bet” feature (which is currently in beta), so you will be able to place bets directly from the OddsJam platform.

This feature alone provides enormous value!

Platinum Plan — $1199/month

For the Platinum plan you will get everything in Gold, as well as pre match odds for “almost every bookmaker in the world” (150+ bookmakers). In addition, you will also get access to Live Bets, which are much more profitable than pre match bets. Auto Refresh is definitely a feature that will come in handy for bettors wanting to jump on bets immediately when the odds are changed. To be able to see Odds Change History, you will get access to this via the Platinum Plan. As an exclusive perk for Platinum members, you will get 1:1 coaching sessions with dedicated Profit Coaches.

As with Gold, you will also get access to the “1-Click-Bet” feature (which is currently in beta), so you will be able to place bets directly from the OddsJam platform.

Oddsjam Pricing: Europe, Asia, Rest-of-World and unregulated juristictions

Positive EV Global Plan — $124/month

For the Positive EV Global Plan you will get access to the best bets on every bookmaker OddsJam offers. Similar to the Gold Plan (for US customers) you will get access to Positive EV, Arbitrage Tool, Middles and Low Hold Bets. A newly added feature is the “Parlay Builder”, which is very useful for getting in your EV combo bets.

Platinum Plan — $1199/month

The Platinum Plan will give you access to every tool OddsJam has to offer. The Live Bets Tool, which are much more profitable than pre match bets, will give you a significant edge over the bookmakers in the long run. Auto Refresh, Odds Change History and 1:1 coaching sessions with dedicated Profit Coaches are the exclusive features of the OddsJam Platinum Plan.

How Can I Pay for OddsJam?

You can deposit your money to OddsJam with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express to launch your plan.

Thanks to integrated OddsJam sportsbooks, low-cost subscriptions, exceptional customer care, the free bet tracker, and risk-free bet alerts, you are sure to get immense value. Get started with the free trial to see how it works in practice.

Customer service

Great customer service is one of the features that define a good arbitrage betting site. If you want a site with exceptional customer service, this is the place to be. Here, there are friendly and experienced customer support representatives ready to serve you 24/7. In case you have questions about arbs, you can connect with customer care through live chat. Alternatively, you can send an email to the support team through [email protected]. Twitter/X is also a great way to communicate with OddsJam.

Besides these support options, there is a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) with helpful information.

Our verdict – Is OddsJam Really Worth the $?

Our OddsJam review found great things for US and Canadian sports enthusiasts. Once you join this site, you will enjoy a variety of risk-free bets from popular sportsbooks, both in the US and Canada, but also for customers in Europe and Asia. From matched betting to arbitrage betting and middle bets, the site has every risk-free betting tool you could think of. In addition, the low-hold tool for Matched Betting and the +EV bets for valuebetting offer great value. What’s more, you will enjoy a 7-day risk-free trial, affordable subscriptions, a free bet tracker, and safe payment methods. The site is also mobile-friendly, and you can contact customer care through live chat and email. From our review, we can say that the site is 100% worth your money.

OddsJam is the best choice, both for surebetting and matched betting in the US. But you can find a good alternative at ProfitDuel which is based on the tool OddsMonkey which is a proven success in the European markets for 10+ years. You might want to check that out as a cheaper alternative. ProfitDuel may offer better value for money, but OddsJam is still the best software out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OddsJam Legit?

It is relatively new, but we can assure you that it is one of the most legitimate arbitrage betting sites we have ever seen. During our review, we didn’t come across any complaints about the site. In fact, over 20,000 customers from the United States, Canada, Virgin Island, and Puerto Rico use the site daily. We have also tested the site, and we can assure you that it is safe and secure. That said, you can register now, subscribe to the plan you want, and enjoy risk-free bets with confidence.

Is OddsJam Worth It?

We have tested it, and we can assure you that it has some of the most profitable arbitrage opportunities. During the 7-day free trial period, you will access risk-free bets that have a profit of up to 1%. But if you subscribe, you will access risk-free bets with a profit of between 3-4%. Well, this is not bad considering that you have nothing to lose. In fact, you can expect to get back your capital with the 7-day free trial. We must, however, point out that valuebets will not give you profits right away. These bets are for bettors who can accept variance and manage risks. With these bets, you will win in the long run.

How Much Profit Can I Make?

You can expect to make a daily profit of between 3-4%.

Which Exchange Bookmaker Should I Use for Arbitrage Betting or Matched Betting?

We recommend BFB247 to our users, mainly because of their excellent exchange product (Orbit Exchange), but also because you can deposit and withdraw using crypto, hassle free.

How Did Alex Make $400,000 Betting on Sports Part-Time?

We absolutely love this video. Learn how to make money in sports betting, no fluff. Alex outlines key concepts to become a more profitable sports bettor, such as line shopping and identifying inefficiencies in sports markets in the US. A must-watch!

Is the site mobile-responsive?

Yes, the site is mobile-friendly, meaning you can enjoy free bets on the go.

What risk-free bets can I expect to get?

You can expect risk-free bets such as matched bets, arbitrage bets, middle bets, and valuebets.

What sports can I arb on?

You can bet on pretty much every sport, such as Tennis, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Boxing, American football, Golf, MMA, etc.

Does the site have a free plan?

Yes, there is a 7-day free trial for new customers.

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T&Cs Apply

Terms and Conditions Any contests, sweepstakes or other promotions (collectively, “Promotions”) made available through Service may be governed by rules that are separate from these Terms of Service. *You may be required to enter your billing information in order to sign up for Free Trial.
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7 Replies to “OddsJam Review🥇”

  • Liam Davis says:

    I recently discovered OddsJam and quickly learned how it works, but it took me a while to register with the sportsbooks. I recommend that you register with as many bookmakers as possible before purchasing a subscription.

  • Michael W. says:

    This is something new for me. It’s the first time I’ve heard of this software. There is a lot of information here. Has anyone used it? Is it worth the money? Please share. Thanks in advance!

  • Alex Jade says:

    I used to lose a significant amount of money until I discovered the arbitrage betting strategy in 2021. At first, I thought OddsJam was a scam, but I decided to give it a try. After the 7day free trial elapsed, I paid for the industry plan that gave me access to arbs with a big profit. With this plan, I recovered my capital within the first week. Within the first month, I had already tripled my money. Overall, I can say that it is the real deal for serious sports bettors.

  • Mr. Brown says:

    It is now six months of winning sure profits since I discovered this arbitrage software. The secret to winning big is to subscribe to the industry plan or platinum plan. Also, I discovered that I needed to sign-up with many bookmakers to get big profits. I registered with 10 bookmakers that are scanned by the software. My profits had doubled within the first month. I like this site because they send real-time email alerts, so there is no way you will miss out on any surebet.

  • Jerome says:

    While the product is solid, the subscription price jump from $99/month for the lowest level to $500/month for the lowest level seems a little insane.

  • John says:

    Not what they say it to be, I joined for 2 months and let’s just say I am on the negative on my bankroll, pricing is to expensive, joined the industry plans and not given many tools they advertise, they want $1000 a month for live betting odds, just ridiculous. I don’t knock em but it just wasn’t for me. Think twice before dishing out that monthly amount. I’ve made more money using the action network app and they charge $99 a year.

  • Carlos says:

    This review helped me get started making money online, thank you so much.

    Also found some bookmakers on site like Stake to be extremely profitable due to their rewards program, do you have a review for how to use bookmakers well also?

    Best regards from sunny Spain

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