OddsJam is the #1 tool for smart sports bettors located in the United States, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Canada.
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They are the only provider of both value (+EV, positive expected value) bets & arbitrage bets in the United States & Canada, and they provide email alerts for all valuable betting opportunities.

  • Real-time email alerts for arbitrage, value bets (+EV) and middles
  • A wide variety of markets and sportsbooks in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands
  • An average of 400 arbitrage and +EV bets per day above 1%
  • Unfortunately, OddsJam does not update odds in real-time, but on a 10-40 second delay. Don’t expect to get in on every arbitrage opportunity. Most users aim to get 65% before the odds move, aiming to make $50-$150 per day. You have to accept false positives and that you will get in on every arbitrage bet before the lines move. This is the biggest flaw of the service

Over 150,000 users visit the platform on a monthly basis.

OddsJam Features

The platform provides four main features for sharp sports bettors looking to make money with the best betting tools and information. They are:

  1. Value Bets (+EV Bets)
  2. Arbitrage Bets
  3. Bet Tracker and
  4. A Sharp Betting Blog & Chat-Room Community

Below, we will go over each one. OddsJam also provides Middles and Low Holds with email alerts. You can read about low holds and middles on the blog for sharp bettors.

Value Bets (+EV Bets)

OddsJam is an extremely powerful tool because the platform displays all value (+EV) bets that are mathematically profitable. At any given point in time, sportsbooks in the US have 10,000+ odds on their site. It’s impossible to manually search through all these odds – odds are constantly moving. The service sifts through all the odds to update all +EV betting discrepancies, in other words, discrepancies in odds, to show you all value bets vs. the sharpest bookmakers in the world, such as Pinnacle sportsbook. The list of sportsbooks includes Pinnacle, DraftKings, BetMGM, Fanduel, Unibet, SugarHouse, Barstool, BetRivers, bwin, and more.

As an example, imagine Pinnacle sportsbook has the Orioles moneyline listed at +140 odds. If Fanduel sportsbook is +190 odds, and the discrepancy is large enough, the software will send you an email alert. This is incredibly powerful for discovering profitable betting opportunities. Their software sifts through all the odds for you, showing you the select few that are profitable.

Profitable betting opportunities

Arbitrage Bets

This software displays all arbitrage opportunities in a user’s location at any given point in time. The user simply has to click the refresh button to view all current arbitrage bets. You can read about arbitrage in this blog post.

Of course, arbitrage is not a game for the slow. Unlike value betting, you need to place 2 bets, as opposed to one, before odds move. You should not expect a hit rate of 100%, and you need to be fast. It is recommended to use a web browser as opposed to a mobile phone.

OddsJam arbitrage opportunity

Bet Tracker

OddsJam provides a bet tracker to give you a 100% accurate picture of your profit and loss. Bets are automatically graded as wins or losses. They also provide tracking of closing line value (CLV) from Pinnacle, which shows bettors where they are consistently beating / losing to the closing lines of the sharpest bookmaker in the world. Beating the closing line and having positive CLV is the only mathematically based factor of success in sports betting, and having no vig closing odds vs. Pinnacle is incredibly powerful for backtesting betting strategies.

OddsJam Bet Tracker

Sharp Betting Blog & Chat-Room

Finally, the site has a sharp betting blog, with articles such as this blog post about arbitrage betting on US sportsbooks. They also have a sharp betting chat room on Discord with 700+ sharp sports bettors from the United States, Canada, and Europe. If you want a recommendation for an amazing betting community with smart individuals, that would be what OddsJam has built.

Company Info

The service was started by Stanford graduates and engineers. The co-founders have always actively bet on sports, looking for profit, and they have now launched to the public. It is a US company based in Palo Alto, California.

OddsJam Details

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