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Athletics is undoubtedly one of the most popular sporting events in the world. If you love this sporting event, you can follow every moment of your favorite competition on Whether you like walking, running, throwing, or jumping events, you can find real-time results on Livescores.

In this article, we will tell you some of the most popular athletics competitions you can find on our livescores. On top of that, we will tell you what athletics is and the real-time data you can find on our livescore table.

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What is Athletics?

Athletics refers to all sporting events that involve competitive walking, running, throwing, and jumping. Some of the most common athletic competitions you will always come across include road running, track and field, racewalking, and cross country running. Another thing you need to note is that athletics is an individual sporting event with the exception of events that combine athletes’ performances, relay races, etc.

Popular Competitions Available on SureBets Livescores

Here at Athletics Livescore, we cover all popular athletics competitions from different parts of the world. We, for instance, provide you with livescores for the following athletics competition:

  • European Athletics Championships Outdoor – First held in 1934, the European Athletics Championships brings together the best European athletes. Besides that, the competitions are organized every two years and take place in front of packed stadiums. Some of the events that take place in this competition include javelin throw, pole vault, men’s 100m race, women’s 100m race, men’s 10,000m race, and much more.
  • The Olympic GamesThe Olympic Games, also known as the Olympics, are the world’s foremost sporting events, featuring winter and summer competitions. Additionally, the Olympic Games are held after every four years with more than 200 countries participating.
  • The World Athletics ChampionshipsThe World Athletics Championship, formerly known as The World Championships in Athletics, are other leading athletic competitions you will come across. These competitions were started in 1976 and are organized by World Athletics. What’s more, the competitions consist of every sporting event, including race walking, marathon running, javelin throw, etc.
  • The Commonwealth GamesCommonwealth Games, also known as Friendly Games, are multi-sport events among athletes from Commonwealth nations. Furthermore, the games started in 1930 and are held after every four years.

Real-Time Data Available on SureBets Athletics Livescore

Our athletics livescore tables have every real-time data you could think of. You can expect to get data such as:

  • Finishing time –With our livescores tables, you can know the time every athlete clocked.
  • Winners and their rewards – Our livescores tables also show you the top three winners and their rewards. For example, you can see the athletes who won Gold, Silver, and Bronze.
  • Ranking of all players and their countries – When you check our athletic livescores, you will be able to see the ranking of all players and the countries they come from.

Final Words

If you are a sports enthusiasts, you don’t have to travel abroad in order to watch your favorite athletics competitions. Instead, you can follow every moment of your favorite sporting event by checking out our athletics livescores. With our athletic livescore, you can know the finishing time and rewards of all winners while still in the comfort of your home. And remember, we cover all popular athletic competitions from all parts of the world.

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