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As a golf enthusiast, you need not miss any moment of the game. Whether you love watching golf for fun or betting on golf for money, you can get real-time results without leaving your home. All you need to do is check the golf livescore on this page and see whether your player has won or not. Here, we provide you with livescores for some of the top golf tournaments in the world.

In this article, you will discover more about golf, including the top golf tournaments we cover and the golf scoring system.

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What is Golf?

In simple terms, golf is a club and ball sport where players use clubs to hit golf balls into a series of holes located on a course. The aim of this game is to hit the golf ball into the holes with as few strokes as possible. Unlike most ball games, golf doesn’t take place in a standardized area. In fact, the key part of the game is where players cope with terrains on different courses. When playing or watching this game, you will also notice that each course has 18 holes. Besides that, each of the holes has a teeing ground to start from and a putting green with an actual hole that is 11cm in diameter.

Top Golf Tournaments Available on SureBets Golf LiveScore

Here on Livescores, we cover as many golf tournaments as possible. You will, for example, come across livescores for top tournaments such as:

  • The Masters Tournament – The Masters tournament, also known as US Masters, is one of the main championships in professional golf. Besides that, the tournament has been around since 1934 and takes place in one location, namely Augusta National Golf Club in the United States.
  • The Open ChampionshipThe Open Championship, formerly known as the British Open, is the second most popular golf tournament in the world. This tournament was founded in 1860 and is played every month of July.
  • The US OpenThe US Open is another popular golf tournament you will find on our golf livescore. This league was established in 1895 and is played every month of June.
  • The PGA Championship – Established in 1916, the PGA Championship is one of the golf tournaments known for creating tough playing conditions. This tournament takes place every year in Tusla, Oklahoma, United States.

Golf Scoring System

The golf scoring system is pretty simple. All you need to do is to play each of the golf holes. Also, you need to mark the number of strokes taken. At the end of the round, you need to add all the shots and then deduct your handicap to get the net score. For you to win, you must finish the round with the least strokes.


Golf Livescores is indeed the real deal for golfers as well as gamblers. Whether you are a golfer or a gambler, you can rely on golf livescores to get real-time results. With our golf livescore, you can rest assured of getting real-time results for your favorite golf tournaments. And remember, our livescore service is completely free.