In poker, there is always a beginner, an intermediate, and an excellent player. A beginner is a newcomer and always takes time when making decisions at the poker table. Intermediate poker players, on the other hand, are overconfident and often abandon bad hands instantly. While it is acceptable to be overconfident, making instant decisions can lead to big losses. As an intermediate player, you are yet to become a pro, meaning you need to take time before you make any move at the poker table.

In this article, we will tell you some of the mistakes you should stop making as an intermediate poker player.

1. Underestimating Opponents

When poker players become intermediate players, they start thinking they are better than their opponents. In fact, they make decisions at the poker table without thinking about the consequences. Now, you can imagine what would happen if you underestimated an excellent player. Whether you are playing against a novice or an excellent player, you should always make decisions at the table like a pro. Never underestimate your opponents unless you are playing for fun.

2. Blaming Opponents

Most intermediate poker players believe they have all it takes to play poker. In fact, they blame their opponents for the poor play. Instead of blaming your opponents, you should exploit the opportunity to your advantage. You should always remember that big profits come from mistakes made by opponents. Also, you should always try not to tell your opponents about the mistakes they have made. If you tell them, you will be teaching them how to play, and that is not what you are the for. You are there to make money and not have fun.

3. Bankroll Crushing Error

Excellent players recognize when the conditions are favorable and when they are not. In other words, they know how to control the game, depending on the current situation. Intermediate players, on the other hand, don’t know when the conditions are favorable. If they sense some kind of defeat, they cut off winning sessions too soon. And when they lose, they lose more, trying to chase losses. The secret here is to admit that you are yet to become a pro. To this end, you should try to learn the skills of your opponents, and you could do better in the next round.

4. Playing too tight, yet they have a Strong Hand

Another common mistake that intermediate players make is playing too tight, yet they have a strong hand. They do this, especially when they realize that they are playing against excellent players. Well, if you have been doing that, you should stop right away. You can just win the hand and, of course, open more winning opportunities. Once you do that, you will save energy, time, and skills.

5. Staying too long in a Strong Hand

Excellent poker players always fold if they get a strong starting hand. This is not the case with intermediate players. Instead of folding, they stay in a strong hand for too long because they don’t know whether to fold or not. And as they continue, the opponents notice their weaknesses and exploit them to their advantage. So, if you want to be on the safe side, you should always fold as soon as possible.

6. Placing Big Bets

Big bets are good since they give you a chance to win big. However, if you are not a pro, you will place big bets and start counting big losses right away. So, as an intermediate poker player, you should stick to smaller bets until you become a pro. Also, you can increase your bet size gradually as you acquire more skills. Don’t be tempted to place big bets just because you are an intermediate player.

Final Words

As an intermediate poker player, you need to admit that you have so much to learn about poker. You need to learn how to notice when the conditions are favorable and when they are not. That way, you will make the right move at the poker table and beat your opponent. You should also not place big bets in order to win big at a go. It is good you lace small bets and increase the bet size once you become a pro.

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