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Anybody can do sports betting but rewriting the rules- only legends! Discover an unmatched online gaming platform that promises a groundbreaking journey. With the correct formula of technology, expertise and capital markets expertise enters Sporttrade, a betting site that offers lower costs on almost every bet.

How does Sporttrade do this? Well, they have several leading players collaborating with us and competing to offer the most competitive prices and the highest limits. But they are more than just great prices and sky-high limits. When you place a bet with them, there’s no delay only instant acceptance. Their advanced interface is all about swift transactions to the top markets in the world and now getting interrupted by outdated technology.

But that’s not it. Honestly, it’s their exchange model that makes Sporttrade shine brighter than the others. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, they offer you better pricing and charge only a small commission on your profit. Be sure to get the best odds while Sporttrade is putting in their best efforts.

Enjoy an experience as dynamic as crypto trading. Don’t just put your money but seize opportunities and come out on top. The future of sports is calling you to download the app and get started.

Bet on Sports

Sporttrade is your one-stop destination for exceptional online betting. Here are all the reasons that make them unique:

Better pricing and less risk: First things first, there is not the same level of risk involved as that in traditional sportsbooks. They guarantee you better pricing because they want you to stay and keep winning. Also, Sporttrade’s commission is just a tiny percentage of your profit on sports trade so there will always be more money in your pocket.

Dynamic trading: If you love the feeling of being on the edge of your chair, for sure you will have it. Their dynamic trading experience though better, gives you the thrills you get in trading stocks or crypto. Know the market trends, grab those opportunities and earn profits like you never have. It’s a whole new advantage.

All your favorite sports: What sports do you enjoy the most? Football, basketball, baseball, golf, hockey, soccer, or any other? Sporttrade has it! Explore the impressive selection of sports markets like NFL, NCAA football, NBA, WNBA, MLB, golf, NHL, and World Cup to keep the fun going.

Easy access, instant betting: Access to action has never been so easy. You are always a few clicks away from immersing in the sports world. With their intuitive platform, you can easily place bets, instantly. No questions asked. iOS or Android, desktop or smartphone, start anytime, anywhere.

Stay updated: Keep an eye on their sports offering and other pages for all the latest updates and announcements. Their social media channels will bring you all the details regarding new markets, upcoming promotions and exclusive deals.

Sports and Types of Bets Offered

It’s the most interesting part where we love to talk about the amazing spread of sports and betting options at Sporttrade. Of course, the platform loves to spoil you with many choices. Brace yourselves for some nonstop football action (NFL, NCAA), basketball craze (NBA, WNBA, NCAA Men’s), baseball fever (MLB), golf, hockey madness (NHL) and soccer fandom (including the World Cup).

That’s not it. More than just popular games, Sporttrade is also about amazing bets. Have plenty of profitable betting options that you can put your money on such as:

  1. Winner (moneyline) – Put your thinking cap on and choose who is going to be the winner. The correct guess would get you great rewards.
  2. Spread – Place your money on whether a team will win by a given number of points or not.
  3. Total Points (over/under) – Bet on whether the total combined score is going to be over or under a certain amount.
  4. Futures – Test your expertise by predicting future events. Lock in your bets ahead of time and be the winner.

And you know what’s even more fantastic? That’s just the beginning. You can follow Sporttrade’s social media pages to have all the latest updates on upcoming announcements. With them, the fun never stops and the opportunities never end.

The Sporttrade advantage

It’s time to uncover the brightest side of betting. Enter a world of promising odds, better pricing, and an overall wonderful experience.

Simple probability: Gone are the days of confusing American odds like -120 because, at Sporttrade, they have simplified the game. The outcomes will only be on a scale of 0-100 which makes understanding the market probability easy. For example, if a team is listed at $54, that means a 54% chance of winning.

Competitive pricing for bigger profits: As discussed, you get much better pricing compared to conventional betting platforms. It simply means more profit on the same bet. Let’s take an example- you can earn $191 on a bet of $100 at -110 odds with a traditional sportsbook. But on Sporttrade, you can earn an extra $196 because that extra $5 will be saved thanks to their lower commission structure.

Buy low and sell high: Move over the regular betting and indulge in super-involved in-play trading. Now you don’t have to keep your eyes glued to the “Cash Out” button because you can buy or sell your sports bets whenever you want. Lock in profits or minimize losses just as you do in the stock market.

Make it fast: Sporttrade realizes the need for speed and unlike traditional sportsbooks, you are not left waiting endlessly for your bet to be accepted. No time to wait; they promise an unmatched speed of execution. And of course, less waiting means less hassle and a top-class gaming experience. Long story short, their average execution time is 100% faster than a classic sportsbook!

Set your own price using limit orders: Decide the price at which you would like to buy or sell with limit orders, exactly like stocks and crypto. Workaround better prices and have the entire control in your hands. Your bid gets the priority and no more take-it-or-leave-it scenarios. Only you will call the shots.

Human support

Whether you are a pro player or just began your journey, anybody could need some assistance at any point. While you are taking your game to the next level, their team will be there just one message away. Just after 15 minutes of mentioning your query, you get a text from a real person. Yes, a live chat, no chatbots. You have real people to guide you through your real problems. Move over emails and phone calls, you can text us at 215-287-1165 for a personalized and immediate response and information about their services.

For those of you who dream big, Sporttrade has LiquiBoost for you. Their exclusive brokerage service is designed for players looking for bigger thrills and higher stakes. Want to place a bet of more than $100k? No problem. all at unbeatable prices, and all within minutes. Get unbeatable prices within a few minutes.

Whether you are looking to test new waters or want to amp up your experience, their assistance team and services will not let you down.

Why choose Sporttrade over the classic sportsbook?

While other platforms are stuck with their old methods and platforms, they have several trading teams competing against each other to offer you the best betting odds. Simply put, you get the cream of the crop and not just any odds.

Moreover, forget about waiting for longer periods to place an in-play bet because, with Sporttrade, everything is instant. That’s right! Sporttrade accepts bets with no delays and no excuses and sometimes even faster than you can blink.

And let’s talk a little about the presentation. You won’t hurt your eyes with outdated designs and navigate through bad interfaces because their crisp platform is very user-friendly. It’s like taking a stroll in some high-end showroom that’s aesthetically pleasing.

We mentioned earlier that you can request your own price, remember? You are most welcome to take charge of your game even if it means asking for better odds. You will get them.

Now they also have brilliant VIP Brokerage Service especially curated for high rollers and big dreamers. Find limits that go beyond your expectations and get prices that’ll leave the competition in the dust.

Finally, the most important part- reliability. Trust them for not showing you the ‘downtime’. Their live betting markets charge low fees and always stay active because every second matters in betting and Sporttrade makes each second count. With this last point of comparison, that’s about it!

Sporttrade Markets

We can’t keep calm to introduce you to this section of this platform where every day is a surprise and every minute is a new winning possibility. This page is your ticket to all the dynamic markets around the world that fuel your sports scene. It’s your gateway to all the popular betting markets from around the world like football, soccer, golf, basketball, golf, hockey etc and you get all real-time updates in the palm of your hand. From a seasoned player to a rookie, everyone will have an exceptional experience- guaranteed!

There are Tennis matches like Tomas Machac vs. Matteo Arnaldi and Dominik Koepfer vs. Daniil Medvedev. They also have Ice hockey games like BOS Bruins vs. FL Panthers and CAR Hurricanes vs. PIT Penguins and countless gripping options that can excite any sports enthusiast. Don’t keep waiting while millions of other users are browsing through all the latest additions.


Cashback promotion

Get up to $300 cashback in your first week. The best part is that there is no opt-in required. Yes, you can simply dive in, put in your money and watch the rewards pouring in.

Make $5000 from sportsbook promos

Learn how to maximize your earnings by matched betting with their comprehensive guide. It covers everything you need to know to get started and make the most of the lucrative opportunities.

Refer a Friend

Share your referral code with your friends through the app and have them on board. Once they open an account, fund it and place a bet, you will receive 3% cash back on their qualifying bet. This credit gets applied within 7 days from their first bet.

How to sign up?

Don’t want to miss all those benefits and gaming action that’s happening on Sporttrade? You absolutely must not. Say goodbye to FOMO and create an account with us right away and get all the latest updates.

We are available on both iOS and Android. Keep checking this space to know when the Sporttrade app goes live in your area. Be the first to get notified so you can download the app, create your account and get started with placing trades like playing ludo- very easy.

Even if we are not in your state just yet, you can still download these apps to stay posted on the markets and when you are ready to make trades, you will be notified.

Important note- You must be at least 21 years old to be eligible to join Sporttrade.

Responsible Gaming

While we are all in for the thrill of the game, we tirelessly work towards making sure that each player is well within their limits and playing responsibly. Sporttrade is 100% customer oriented. Your experience is everything to them and so is your safety.

We believe that with the right information, we can encourage anyone to make correct decisions and stick to only harmless gaming habits. You get many effective tools to help you guide through the right track and keep you responsible in your actions. They include deposit limits, spending limits and cool-off periods. Trust them as your safeguard and enjoy sports betting while staying in control.

And that’s not it. You also get more transparency, fairness, lower pricing, better odds and chances to trade out of a loss at less risk. We do everything to level the playing field in your favor. Sporttrade completely focuses on your experiences and your satisfaction

Withdrawals and deposits

Method Type Processing Time
Online Banking Bank Transfer 3-5 business days
PayPal/Venmo E-Wallet Instant
Cash In-Person Upon request submission
Online Banking Bank Transfer Instant
PayPal/Venmo E-Wallet Instant
Cash In-Person Upon request submission

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