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Are you ready to join one of the world’s leading and most reliable Sports betting platforms? Sportmarket is a gaming website for players who look for the best odds and a smooth betting experience. This will be your go-to destination for all gambling endeavors with the variety of options that Sportsmarket offers and how strongly they protect your information.

The biggest highlight is that their service is totally free of charge. Sportsmarket earns a small commission from bookmakers for the bets you place and that’s how there are no costs for you to bear. They are the happiest every time their users win. With Sportsmarket, there is no limit on winning to keep the players motivated.

Why should you choose Sportsmarket?

Starting in 2004, it has been 20 wonderful years that they are providing their members with the most valuable services and most rewarding experience. Sportsmarket ranks amongst the most reputed and eminent sports betting brokers who are completely customer-centric. More than the commission, they look forward to being associated with renowned and reliable players who offer high bet limits and don’t show any discrimination.

Getting started

  1. Create your main account that will be used for all your deposits and withdrawals. Click here for the form.
  2. Check the Eligibility of your country before proceeding with the signup.
  3. Once your main account is registered, you can also access the Sportmarket PRO platform.
  4. To start betting, you have to deposit funds into your main account and then transfer them to your Sportmarket PRO account.
  5. A KYC verification process is a must if you request a withdrawal or deposit of more than €2,000. It’s necessary for verifying your identity and ensuring compliance with the rules.
  6. That’s it! You’re now ready to bet and win.

Sportmarket PRO

Gaming can be more than just entertainment; it could earn you profits too. With Sportmarket Pro, Now professional players can make a pretty good amount while playing their favorite games with Sportmarket PRO. Just go continue betting on the best odds in the market and watch that money pouring in. And it requires managing just a single account. If at all you get stuck anywhere or have any queries, you will have a promising support team by your side to give you the attention and assistance you are looking for.

Advantages of a Sportmarket PRO account:

  • One account, multiple bookmakers
  • High betting limits
  • Encouraging winners
  • Efficient phone app
  • Access to the accounts of private bookmakers
  • Exceptional customer support

How to register?

  1. You can access Sportmarket Pro if you have a main account. In case you don’t then Click here to sign up and set a password.
  2. Fund your account with a minimum deposit is €250.
  3. After depositing, you can create your Sportmarket Pro account and start betting.
  4. Submit the required documents to complete your KYC, account verification and security purposes.

Sports You Can Bet On

Betting becomes exciting with excellent opportunities. If you are looking for an incredible sports betting experience, your search ends here! We have a wonderful variety for you to choose from. Check it out:

  • Football: Don’t miss any action. Follow every match from the World Cup to local clashes and bet on 1X2, number of goals, correct score etc!
  • Tennis: Follow all the tournaments across ITF, ATP, and WTA regardless of where they are played and bet on winners.
  • Basketball: Bet on the NBA, Euroleague, Eurocup and other events. Choose to bet on totals, winners, or spreads.
  • American Football: Back your favorite NFL teams for the Superbowl Championship Title and enjoy other American Football leagues.
  • Rugby Union: They have also got Rugby matches if you don’t find NFL as interesting.
  • Baseball: The number of Baseball fans has multiplied in recent years. Join them as they follow all popular leagues.
  • Ice Hockey: They bring to you NHL, VHL, AHL Allsvenskan Hockey and other matches for the ultimate time.
  • Cricket: Bet on the 2nd most popular sport in the world against players from around the world.
  • MMA: This popular sport comes with many major events. Enjoy the action, bet on your favorite fighters and win big.
  • Boxing: Boxing has always been the cult’s favorite for betting. Support your champs with Sportmarket Pro.

What does Sportmarket offer?

To begin with, they offer users with the best trading experience. With Sportmarket PRO and Direct Accounts, all betting enthusiast will find something that suits their gaming preferences.

Sportmarket PRO Account As discussed, it’s a free service that requires funding and maintaining a single account and combining bookmakers, markets and liquidity in the same. Get a real-time update on the best odds for a significant betting advantage.

Tradeball This product is somewhat similar to Sportmarket PRO but with a twist. The system will “learn” from you what to look for and which bets to place! In other words, you create your own ideal bot that works on a set of instructions.

Sportmarket API-Presenting an API solution for all your trading needs. To activate API in your Sportmarket PRO account, you will be charged a one-time fee of €750. Moreover, there is a 0.5% turnover-based charge for using the service that will be incorporated in the odds.

FairExchange Powered by Betfair, it is an advanced sports betting platform that focuses on offering value to customers. It covers a wide range of sports and has a simple registration process. Then account can be opened with a minimum of €100 and the maximum you can transfer is €5,000.

PS3838 Since many markets can’t be accessed on the Sportmarket PRO, they have come up with PS3838 accounts that let you bet on additional markets and sports. Powered by Pinnacle, the product follows Pinnacle’s liquidity and odds. To get your account, contact the support team and have €50 deposited.

Future fulfilment

It is an offering of Sportmarket’s PRO that enables users to set a specific price and stake that’s not yet available in the market. The smart algorithm scans the market waits until it can match your bet and then automatically executes the bet without any manual intervention.

To use this feature, go to the “Timeout” option on the PRO platform, select your bet amount and place. The system will try to match your request. In case it’s not matched or the game starts, the bet gets canceled. If it’s not been placed with a bookmaker, you can also manually cancel it.

What markets can you bet on?

There is a mind-blowing variety of available betting markets on Sportmarket PRO including football, cricket, basketball, MMA, eSports, darts and golf. Each sport from the selection has its own options like boxing has moneyline, 1 X 2, Asian handicap, Asian Total and winner.

Offers on Exchanges

It’s their brilliant feature that gives you more flexibility and control over your bets. You get potentially better odds than those offered by traditional bookmakers. Here’s how it works:

  • Enable or disable: If you enable this feature, the system will try to match your bets on online betting exchanges like Betdaq or Betfair.
  • Requesting a bet: When you want to place a bet at unavailable odds, you can request it through Sportmarket. Your request then gets posted to the selected betting exchange.
  • Commission: When your bet matches on Betdaq, you pay a commission of 1.2% and 2.3% on Betfair which gets deducted from your winnings.
  • Posting an offer: Your request is posted as an offer on the chosen betting exchange and only the professionals on that platform can see your offer and choose to match.
  • Fallback option: If Betdaq is not offering the kind of market you are looking for, the system will try to match your bet on Betfair.
  • Adjusting odds: Occasionally, the system also offers slightly better odds than you expect to increase the chances of matching on the exchange.
  • No lower odds: Your bet will not be matched at lower odds than requested. But if you are to accept slightly lower odds, the system may slightly increase the offered odds to make it more attractive.
  • Exclusions: If you reside where Betfair is restricted, you will not receive any offers from them due to legal restrictions.

For detailed recommendations on how to use this feature, read here.

Payments and fees

Have questions in your mind regarding the payments and commissions? Here are the most common concerns; let’s address them:

Do they have any commission fees?

No, they don’t charge anything additional nor do they display the commission charges separately. Any fee for exchanges and certain bookmakers comes added to the odds. The price shown on the bet slip will remain the same.

How to make a deposit?

The most important requirement of going ahead with the betting and earning is to have a Sportmarket main account. Without it, you can’t deposit funds or transfer any funds into the Sportmarket PRO platform from where everything kickstarts. Start with logging in, go to “My Account”, click on “Deposit”, choose the payment method and add the minimum amount.

How to make a withdrawal request?

The funds you want to withdraw must be available in your main account. You have to transfer them from your PRO account with some easy steps. Go to my account > transfer > PRO transfer.

Now to make a withdrawal request, sign in to your main account> my account> withdraw. Choose the preferred method, enter the required information and complete the request.

Refer a Friend

Everything becomes better with friends, even gaming. Invite your cool buddies to join you on your gaming adventure on your favorite platform and earn rewards. Just make sure that your Sportmarket account is active and verified.

With their referral program, every time a friend joins with your link you get €100 your they get €50. All you have to do is get in touch with their support team once they get verified and request they deposit the rewards into your account. We also recommend going through all their terms & conditions to avoid any misunderstandings.

Responsible Gambling Policy

Their team works dedicatedly to make sure that the users are gambling responsibly. They want you to have a great time at online gambling while being aware of the harms associated with problem gambling.

  • Track and control– Gambling in moderation is harmless but it should not be your means to escape problems. The amount at stake must not be more than you can afford to lose.
  • Self-assessment– While it’s alarming to have developed the signs of a gambling problem being able to recognize is also a relief as you can seek help early. Look for signals like skipping work for gambling, doing it to dodge unhappiness, lying about it and slowly losing all your money. Seek advice and support the moment you think it’s not healthy betting anymore.
  • Self-exclusion– The first step to draw yourself out is not logging in. While it must be difficult to stop yourself, you can contact the customer service agents to close your account for at least 3 months. You can also install website-blocking software so you can’t access it.
  • Betting and limits– They let users decide in advance the amount they can bet, deposit and lose so they don’t have to go through a financial shock. Contact customer services at [email protected] to revise your limits.
  • Underage gambling– They strongly try to prevent underage from joining the community by not permitting anyone to open an account. It’s recommended to restrict internet access for children. In case you find any minor on their site, immediately inform us so the platform can take the desired action.

Is There a Sportmarket App?

Unfortunately, the web version of Sportmarket PRO isn’t smartphone-compatible at the moment. However, they do have a mobile web application. You can access all the data and information about your odds from there. Track your bets, check live scores, and get notified of the latest odds. Use this link to access the Sportmarket PRO mobile web application.

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