Sportsbook.Ag Review

Sportsbook.Ag Review

This is not a safe area to deposit funds!
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We recommend avoiding this bookmaker!

The terms are not clear, which is a red flag.

The laws of Antigua & Barbuda govern the Service.
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Is a trustworthy website? Certainly not. It lacks US licenses, making it an unauthorized sportsbook. In addition, everything else on this web stinks. From its poor betting options to its meager bonuses, this site is riddled with horrors. Still not convinced? Check out the review and see how bad it is!

  • Live Betting
  • Illegal in the United States
  • Suspicious bonuses
  • Negative interest feedback

Sportsbook.Ag Bonuses: Avoid the Offers

You simply cannot rely on’s extra benefits. We won’t trouble you with the detailed information, but the figures simply don’t add up, the terms of service are dubious, and that’s even before we get on to the reality that your cash is now in danger for using this unsecured site.

Loyalty and Rewards – There Is No Loyalty Service Offered

Many offshore sportsbooks don’t offer any kind of loyalty rewards bonus, and is no exception. Furthermore, the bonuses don’t seem to be as fruitful at first glance.

Betting Offer: Awful Offer

The bid is just hardly above average, with little media attention even for the most basic games. You are much wise to look somewhere else.

Usability: This Is A Pretty Horrible Website

The sportsbook platform seems to be quite outdated and falls short of industry standards. The system is unusable on desktops, and they also have a betting app that should be ignored.

Gamblers can try to open their sportsbook account to make deposits from the homepage, or they can navigate the different games and offerings from the lobby to place instant gambles on upcoming live activities. All of these features are terrible.

Sadly, it appears that is intent on tempting customers to deposit huge sums as soon as possible. The site incentivizes gamblers to bet beyond their financial means. Moreover, the funds are voided when it comes to payouts.

Payment Methods: Do Not Rely on Them

To start making a Sportsbook deposit, gamblers must first create a wallet, since it is the only payment option offered on the website. Sportsbook payments are done anonymously and quickly, and they are extremely risky for users who attempt to make them.

Additionally, users frequently complain about payouts being pulled back and turned down, rewards being deleted, and accounts being void, as well as the strange deficit of the cash they housed.

Customer Service: Slow and Unresponsive provides poor customer service. All player questions should be sent to the controller via email.

All email messages sent to are supposed to be addressed within 24 hours but it can take days, making the assistance process slow and unimpressive.

Licensing: Is It Legally Licensed? Certainly Not!

Since 2006, when Legislature approved the UIGEA, all gambling companies have been barred from operating in the US. This has switched as some states began issuing permits to gaming companies, but offshore sites such as remain illegal in the states.

Is It a Trustworthy Website? Nope! is running in the US without authorization, and if the procedure were to be established within the nation, it would be closed down. This is precisely why the owner provides its offshore gambling on an offshore site.

Individuals making payments into offshore locations risks being charged with tax dodging and financial fraud, which no player wants. For this and numerous other factors, US participants should avoid it at all costs.

Betting Odds: Worse Than That of The Market Average

The sportsbook’s wagering prices seem to be lackluster, however, the shareholder could do well given that they haven’t spent a dime safeguarding participants’ monies or acquiring a lawful US permit. It is better to avoid this site.

Live Betting features a mediocre live betting platform and, once more, misses the mark of an accredited US sportsbook by failing to offer any kind of live video stream.

Limits – Extreme Danger

The bulk of sportsbooks will place a limit on the amount of money you can earn with your betting. However, no information was found about the highest winnings possible with a wager at

Additional investigation revealed some extremely dubious behavior by, leading to several complaints about large wins and payments being voided.

Finally: Avoid Sportsbook.Ag

Few individuals are likely to be dissatisfied with’s sports gambling feature. Most, however, will be frustrated when they are unable to obtain their money.

The live gambling platform tends to leave much to be desired, and it is in no way competitive with other trustable US sportsbooks. All this, combined with shady dealings and the absence of any US licenses, inform you to avoid this highly hazardous site. is an illegal platform. To avoid prosecution and taxes, the website uses offshore web servers and engages in other deceptive dealings. This is not a safe area to deposit funds. Alternatively, check the licensed sites and play there.


  1. Does it have authorization in the United States?

Certainly not! is based offshore and does not have an operating license in any country. From a legal perspective, the site is illegal.

  1. Is playing at lawful?

Offshore sites are not permitted to run in the United States, which makes it unlawful for gamers to use them.

  1. Is it possible to contact this sportsbook?

Contacting the bookie is exceptionally hard, and you may not be capable of reaching them at all.

  1. Is it a secure method of payment?

No! It is an ungoverned virtual currency over which no one has any control. Not only are these monies easily stolen, but the value of currency varies compared to other currencies, making any deposit extremely risky.

  1. Is it a fraud?

Looking ahead, it is improbable that will ever be a lawful platform in the US, and it’s far more possible that the website will be closed down, by either authority or by the shareholders themselves if they recognize that their operation is becoming too hot.

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Anonymous owner without a gambling license.
Find Legit Bookies
We recommend avoiding this bookmaker!

The terms are not clear, which is a red flag.

The laws of Antigua & Barbuda govern the Service.
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Sportsbook.Ag Review
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