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OddsJam is one of the best arbitrage betting sites with top tools for profitable sports bettors. When you visit the site, you will realize that there is everything you need to start earning consistent profits from sports betting.

We have done a brief interview with one of the co-founders to help you understand the company better.

Below is the interview we had with Alex Monahan, one of OddsJam’s co-founders.

Hello Alex, could you please introduce yourself to our readers with a few sentences?

А: Hi! I’m Alex Monahan, and I’m the co-founder of OddsJam. I’m a passionate sports bettor who has the goal of helping other sports bettors make money. I want to help “level the playing field” against the sportsbooks!

How long have you been betting on sports?

А: My whole life. I have always been a gambler and poker player. I graduated from Stanford in Math & Computer Science, and I became a quant trader on Wall Street after college. I got much more serious about sports betting in 2018 once it legalized in the U.S.

For how long have you been working with OddsJam?

А: I started OddsJam in the middle of 2021.

How is OddsJam different from other arbitrage betting sites?

А: We have the fastest data, most data, and most features. We also offer in-play lines.

What would you recommend to bettors just starting out with OddsJam?

А: Invest in your education! Knowledge = power in everything in life especially sports betting.

Could you explain to our readers the different types of betting tools available on the OddsJam site?

А: We have Positive EV betting (my favorite!), which shows you bets with an “edge.” We also have arbitrage for risk-free profits, middles, low holds, and free bet conversion. Of course, OddsJam also has line shopping!

Recently, OddsJam introduced pro filters on the positive EV betting tool. Could you explain to our readers what this feature is and how it works?

А: OddsJam processes millions of odds every single second. Our filters, essentially, combine all market data (e.g., sportsbook odds) to find the sharpest, most profitable bets available at any given moment. We weigh sportsbooks on their “sharpness” or accuracy.

Can we expect new services on OddsJam in the future?

А: A ton! We are going to be launching products to analyze “futures bets” and much more.

Thank you for taking the time to do this interview, Alex!

А: Of course 🙂

OddsJam is indeed one of the arbitrage betting sites you will never regret joining. From the above interview, you can clearly see that there is a lot in store for you. For instance, the site offers you profitable betting tools such as middles, low holds, and positive EVs. Besides that, there are a lot of products on the way coming, including future bets. Join OddsJam for free today and say goodbye to losses.