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Gambling is undeniably one of the best pastimes for millions of people worldwide. Most people gamble online to make money, while there are a few who gamble for fun. Now, whether you do it for money or fun, you probably have across restricted gambling sites. Well, these are sites that you cannot access while in certain countries. As a gambler, you no longer need to worry about how you will access restricted betting sites. All you need is a premium proxy.

With a premium proxy server, you can access any gambling sites you want without leaking your IP address.

In this article, you will get to know more about premium proxy, including where you can purchase one.

What is a Premium Proxy?

In a nutshell, a premium proxy is a remote computer that stands between the server and the user in order to hide the user’s IP address. Once the proxy hides your IP address, you can access restricted sites without leaking your location or IP address. Another thing worth noting is that one proxy server is specific to one country. So, if you want to access many restricted countries or websites, you must purchase multiple proxy servers.

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Types of Proxy Servers

There are many proxy servers that you can purchase and access restricted websites. The most common ones include:

  • Socks5 – Socks5 is one of the most popular proxy servers used by many people. Furthermore, the server is commonly used for online gaming, video streaming, file sharing, etc.
  • HTTP – HTTP is another popular premium proxy available out there. With a HTTP proxy server, you can access geo-restricted websites such as gambling websites.
  • Transparent – Proxy servers are not only used to access geo-restricted websites; they can also be used to block certain websites. For example, most public libraries use this server to block users from accessing social media platforms such as Facebook.

Differences between Proxy and VPN

Proxy servers and Virtual Private Networks (VPN) work the same way, but they have a slight difference. To be precise, a proxy server is a remote computer that stands between the server and the user. The proxy hides your IP address such that you can access a restricted gambling website without being noticed. On the other hand, a VPN encrypts the user’s IP address plus all web activities. Additionally, a VPN can work as a browser extension or as an app, and you can use it to access multiple countries.

Where can I Get a Premium Proxy for Gambling?

As a gambler, you don’t need to worry about where you will get a premium proxy server; they are readily available on the market. If you need to purchase one, you only need to visit, and you will be sorted out. The available proxy servers, however, are not free. You will need to pay some bucks in order to get one. What’s more, the proxy servers are affordable, so you don’t need to worry about your budget. In fact, you can get a premium proxy for as low as $1.18.

When it comes to countries that you access via proxy servers, there is nothing to worry about. Whether you want proxies for the USA, Russia, Germany, Finland, Serbia, Canada, Australia, Norway, India, UK, or Bulgaria, it has it all. With all this, you can rest assured of accessing the bookie of choice from wherever you are.

Things to Consider when Purchasing the Best Proxy Server for Betting

As we mentioned, proxy servers are readily available on the market. However, not all of them are the best for gambling. So, before you buy one, you should consider the following factors:

  • Speed – Speed is one of the important aspects you should consider before buying a proxy server. Specifically, you should check the connection speed of the proxy you want to buy. If it is fast, then you can pay for it.
  • Server locations – You also need to consider the locations that you can access via the proxy service. To be precise, the proxy of your choice should allow you to access countries that allow gambling.
  • Cost – Another factor worth considering is pricing. A good proxy server that deserves your money should be affordable.
  • Customer support – Every proxy dealer should provide customers with 24/7 customer support service. In other words, the dealer should resolve any technical issues that occur within the shortest time possible. Be sure to check all this before you acquire a proxy server.

Is there a Premium Proxy Server for Mobile?

If you are a mobile user, you can now buy a proxy for mobile and access restricted gambling websites via your iOS and Android devices. All you need to do is visit a proxy dealer and purchase the mobile package you want. has a Mobile 4G Proxy for multiple countries. Again, the prices for the Mobile 4G Proxy vary depending on the country. For example, if you want the one for the USA, you will part ways with 80 USD per month.

Can I Configure Multiple Proxies in One Browser?

The good thing with premium proxies is that you can configure multiple proxies in one browser. For instance, you can configure proxies for the USA, France, Italy, Canada, Germany, Australia, Russia, and Finland in one browser. As you can see, you don’t need to have multiple browsers in order to access restricted gaming websites via proxy servers. Once you configure the proxies in the browser you want, you will access the gambling site of your choice within a few clicks.


If you have been worrying about how you will place bets on restricted gambling websites, worry no more. All you need is a premium proxy, and you will be good to go. With proxy servers, you can have access to the gaming site you want without leaking your IP address. One thing you need to note is that not all premium proxies are good for gambling. To this end, you need to consider some aspects before you buy one. For example, you need to consider speed, server locations, customer support, and, most importantly, pricing.

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