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Home » ProTipsters: Tipster predictions with three levels of tipsters is a website where Pro Tipsters present there Tips.

There are three Levels of Tipsters:

  1. Tipsters In Trial – all the tips and analysis are free to everybody
  2. Rookie Tipsters – tipsters who make nice records at the trial period
  3. Pro Tipsters – tipsters with nice results through the trial period and through the period they give tips as Rookie tipsters

How It Works?

Credits System has designed a flexible payment system to give customers the opportunity to take advantage of the best of credits by purchasing proposals from all Tipsters or by following the certain ones that they will choose.

It has a well-designed system of automatic email and sms updates on the submission of new Tips by the Tipsters that their clients are following.

Buy Tips in two easy Steps:

Step 1

Buy Credits ( Click here to proceed to the payment site) for your account at the prices you can see in the table below. In the table you can see at the same time the cost of a tip from a Rookie or from a Pro.




Cost Per Rookie Tip

Cost Per Pro Tip

€ 10


€ 2.00 (5 Credits)

€ 8.00 (20 Credits)

€ 30

75 + 25 Bonus

€ 1.50 (5 Credits)

€ 6.00 (20 Credits)

€ 50

125 + 75 Bonus

€ 1.25 (5 Credits)

€ 5.00 (20 Credits)

€ 100

250 + 250 Bonus

€ 1.00 (5 Credits)

€ 4.00 (20 Credits)

Step 2

1st Way – Direct unlock a Tip from the home or the Tipster page.

At the home page, on the first table, you can find all the active tips from our Rookie and Pro Tipsters.

You just have to click onto the lock and confirm you want to unlock the tip. At that time the tip gets revealed and the credits cost of the tip is removed from your credit balance.

  • Cost for Rookie Tips is 5 Credits
  • Cost for Pro Tips is 20 Credits

2nd Way – Follow tipsters.

You just have to press the plus at the right of the table and add the tipster into your tipsters list.

By adding a Pro and or Rookie into your Tipsters list then you get informed by email and or sms on the submission of a new tip from your tipsters and the credits cost of the tip is removed from your credit balance.

You can remove a tipster from your tipsters list at any time just by pressing the minus button and automatically you no longer get charged nor get alerted for the new tips from the specific tipster.

Contact support

In addition to the email support they already offer, you’ll now be able to reach ProTipsters via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

email: [email protected]

protipsters image


Frequently Asked Questions

Which Sports are offered?

How can I buy Tips?

First of all you have to buy credits for your account.

Then there are two ways:

  1. The first is to unlock with only two clicks on the tip you want and the same time you can see the tip.
  2. The second way is to follow a tipster or tipsters and that means every time they add a new tip you will receive the tip with email and SMS notification.

How much is the cost per Tip?

Every Rookie Tip cost 5 Credits and every Pro Tip cost 20 Credits.

That means if you buy 500 credits with 100 euro the cost per Rookie tip be 1 euro whilst for Pro Tipsters Tip will 4 euros.

Do they offer any Free tips?

Yes, all the tips from tipsters in trial are free for everyone! The same time you can see a full analysis for all free tipsters and you can follow them if they suit your needs.

The reason for this is to help the customer meet the tipster betting behaviour before they buy any tip from him.

Can I make any bet in Pro Tipsters?

No, they are not bookmakers. They are a commercial website that present and proof Pro Tipsters who want to sells betting advice, known as “picks” or “tips”.

How Can I join Pro Tipsters team?

First of all you have to know that Pro tipsters is not a league website.

It is build for Tipsters with long experience and good records so as to be able to sell their tips. If you have a strong knowhow about betting and you believe you can present nice results the only you have to do is to register as a tipster and if they approve your application you will get into the trial Tipsters.

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