Comparing the Advantages of Online Casinos over Bookmaker Odds in Canada

Gambling is one of Canadians’ favorite pastimes. As a result, they have many options for this. They can play casino games in land-based casinos or hop on online casino sites and pick from a huge pool of games. They can bet with bookmakers or search for better odds online.

Both sports betting and casino games come with their set of advantages but in recent years, the number of online casinos and their players has shown a more visible increase. Online casinos have bigger and more luxurious choices and bonuses on offer, among other perks. Of course, not all casinos are made the same way. In the end, it all depends on where you gamble. If you choose a top-rated casino site like Lucky Days casino, you can enjoy all the advantages that come with online gambling such as grand bonuses, access to thousands of games, and exceptional support.

In comparison, you can place wagers with bookmaker odds in Canada and get more control. If you follow the sports and players and can make a calculated bet, your skills and research can help you influence your betting outcome. In casinos, it’s mostly luck – but sometimes, life-changing luck!

Since both forms of betting are available in Canada, in this post we’ll talk about the advantages of online casinos over sports betting in Canada.

Convenience Right at Your Fingertips

Bookmaker odds can require a physical visit to the shop of the bookmaker – unless you use online sportsbooks to make your wagers. In comparison, online casinos are available to you at all times with an Internet connection, which makes them highly convenient.

Variety of Games

There are over 3000 sports that have been played in the world, but only a bit over 200 are worldwide recognized. A small portion of this number is available at bookmakers. Most bookmakers will give you odds for the classics – football, basketball, baseball, tennis, etc.

In comparison, Canadian online casinos have hundreds, if not thousands of games (depending on where you gamble). New games appear on the market all the time, and the lists grow constantly. If you want variety, casinos definitely offer it.

Bigger Bonuses

Bookmakers don’t really give out bonuses, do they? They can give you better odds than others and if you bet on sports online, you might even claim some welcome deal or small bonus to encourage you to keep using the website.

Online casinos in Canada are much more generous. There are casinos with bonuses that go up to thousands of dollars. They also offer free spins, cashback, reload promotions, and many other deals – to regulars and VIP players.

The bonuses at online casinos are unmatched these days. As the number of players grows, so does that of online casinos. Today, Canada has over 19.3 million active online gamblers. As a result, casinos are fighting to get more players, so they offer amazing offers to reel you in – and keep you playing.


If you go to a physical bookmaker, someone can see you. You aren’t exactly enjoying privacy. If this is something you’d prefer, online casinos offer it. You can gamble from any place, at any time, and do it discreetly.

Non-stop Access

A bookmaker will work selected hours. An online sportsbook will only offer you odds on games that are upcoming or live. In comparison, an online casino will never close shop. They’ll work non-stop, and you can play your favorite casino games whenever pleases you.

More Payment Options

Canadians who gamble online now have many banking options to choose from. These include cards, electronic wallets, wire transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. A bookmaker will probably only take cash or a card, and while online bookmakers usually have a few other options, top casinos have longer lists.

Final Thoughts

If you like games of luck and betting, Canada is a great place to be in. Online gambling and sports betting are both legal in Canadian provinces, and you can also gamble in offshore casinos. The choices are many, and while casinos have all these advantages over bookmakers, who says that you have to choose one? You can do both! Good luck.

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